Hello again, Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached the season of the awkward transition from summer to autumn. The season where we completely forget as to how our wardrobes can cater for such bizarre weather conditions, the season where we're running around like headless chickens - Is it too soon for tweed? Is it … Continue reading SEPTEMBER STAPLE: THE TRANSITIONAL JACKET


Hello again, It's pretty hard (as well as devastating) to believe that there is only a short time of summer remaining. I can honestly say this is one of the best summers I have had, potentially the best one yet. I've found myself venturing out of the house a lot more - a couple of … Continue reading SUMMER PRINTS: SNAKESKIN


Hello again, I hope you've all had a glorious Bank Holiday weekend! We have definitely been spoiled weather wise; there's something about the sunshine that just instantly makes everything just that little bit sweeter... Of course, higher temperatures and warm rays of sunshine also mean another thing - ditching that winter wardrobe of ours and … Continue reading S/S STAPLE