Hello again,

Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached the season of the awkward transition from summer to autumn. The season where we completely forget as to how our wardrobes can cater for such bizarre weather conditions, the season where we’re running around like headless chickens – Is it too soon for tweed? Is it too late for dresses? Should I have an ice lolly or a pumpkin spiced latte? Who knows? Not me, that’s for sure…

A good frantic rummage through the old closet usually does the trick when attempting to adjust to a gradual season change. When doing just that the other day, I had somewhat of an epiphany. A light-weight jacket to carry with you for some security is pretty much the answer to all of our problems. Lightweight so that you don’t get too hot once a random heatwave inevitably strikes (that’s Britain for you!) and also so you don’t get the classic arm ache from lugging it around if you so happen to need to take it off.


My boyfriend and I took a trip to Brighton at the start of the summer. I had only been there once before around 3 years ago prior, around the time we started dating, so it was pretty lovely to be exploring it once again with him in tow…

On my last trip, I hadn’t even explored one of the most iconic things about the place – the lanes. I had heard so much about them from all sorts of people, and they sounded right up my street (or lane?), so I’m quite surprised at myself that I hadn’t ventured down one already. For instance, Camden market is one of my favourite places in the universe, purely for its vast array of vintage stores that seem as though they go on forever. I knew that the lanes would not disappoint.


One of the most iconic vintage stores in Brighton is Snoopers Paradise – I even knew that before we got there, and it’s what I set out to find. Admittedly I was rather excited to find it to take its classic photo booth for a spin – I had seen so many photos of people I know in it, and you cannot beat a good ol’ reel of candid snaps taken in a stuffy, slightly claustrophobic booth!




I felt as though to really see everything that Snoopers Paradise has to offer, you’d have to dedicate a day or even two to really explore to dig deep through the mountains of vintage gems and jewels. I have to say it was the epitome of a treasure chest for me – endless shelves, rails and piles of precious prizes from all sorts of eras.





I have to shamefully admit that I am 100% a jacket hoarder – I seem to forget that I am one person with just one torso. That didn’t stop me from lusting over this tan 1970s esque dream of a jacket. The contrast stitching is what really drew me in – I am an avid lover of a classic contrast stitch, it seems to add so much character and flair to a piece, despite being subtle and dainty. The combination of suede and leather is harmonic – I have owned a few suede jackets in my lifetime, but this really has its own individualistic touch.





I saw this divine piece of outerwear being displayed proudly on a mannequin, and I quickly became fixated. I tried it on in front of the mirror just to test if I really wanted/needed it – I’m fully aware of the problem I have when it comes to succumbing to a good jacket. I looked at my boyfriend and he gave me this little look that just so loudly said, ok, buy it girl.

It’s admittedly been collecting dust in my wardrobe over the past summer months due to it being slightly too warm to sport it, but now September has come around, it’s time to bring back the suede…

Jacket – Vintage | Top – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Shoes – M&S | Bag – Vintage

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into one of my September transitional staples… Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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