Hello again,

Over the past couple of years I’ve fully delved and explored within the fashion side of Instagram, using it as a platform as self expression of my own personal style, as well as discovering new influences and inspirations, and unravelling trends that I might not had necessarily stumbled upon. I feel like within the small cluster of fashionistas I follow, there’s a sense of a mini community where we praise and admire one another’s takes on current trends, or perhaps the rebirth of old classic items with a modern twist. Instagram gives you the opportunity to bounce off one another while still possessing your own individuality and unique identities.


However, similar to many things in life, Instagram comes with a few negatives. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve felt my already low self esteem drop to the floor when browsing my feed. It’s a bit of a downer, but I feel that it’s inevitable with social media.



Today, I want to talk about a vibe I get within the fashion industry and the street style universe. It’s not to say I am stating facts here, it’s just simply a sensation I pick up on. Since I can remember, I have always been an avid fan of music and everything it entails. Before I decided against university and put it on the back burner for a few years, I was actually going to study Music Journalism, only for me to have a small change of mind – as of September I will be studying Fashion Journalism instead. So to speak, those are my two main interests. You’d think it would be pretty breezy to combine the two, right? See, that’s where my issue lies.

I love a band t-shirt as much as the next gal. I absolutely adore going to gigs – It’s a weird thing to state as I have quite intense anxiety when it comes to crowds. But, when the lights are on and the music is loud, it’s the safest place I feel as though I could be. I recently saw one of my favourite bands, The Weeks, in London last Friday, which marked the fifth time of witnessing them well and truly rock out in the most badass way you could imagine. When looking at the merchandise prior to them coming on stage, I decided against purchasing a t-shirt as I already own two and long story short, I am lacking in funds. My boyfriend was actually rather surprised and said he had never see me them wear them before. Which is what got me thinking…




I often feel when wearing a band t-shirt, I am seen as a cringe-inducing ‘fan girl’. The reputation of the term fan girl is incredibly negative when I’ve heard it emerge in a discussion. People are often quick to associate them with fainting female fans doting over a boy band, convinced that they will fall in love with them. It’s as if people aren’t allowed to enjoy things – hell, I went to a gig and I bloody loved it. I see it a literal take on that old saying ‘been there, bought the t-shirt’.




To sum it up, my point is – it’s 2018. Let people enjoy things. If they want to be a fan girl, get excited with them. I’ve lost count how many band t-shirts have collected dust in the back of my wardrobe, purely for the fear of being deemed as uncool if I was to sport one of them. I feel as though if we spent less time worrying what others think, and more time doing what we please and what we enjoy, we would all be that much happier. Refraining from what I want to wear purely because I worry what some strangers on the internet may think is simply ludicrous, and something I aim to avoid from now on…

T-shirt – The Weeks Merchandise | Skirt – H&M | Bag – eBay | Shoes – Amazon


So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into my little ramble of thoughts about this! Thanks for reading,

Lucy Violet x


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