Hello again,

I have always had a bit of a natural knack when it comes to discovering hidden gems in charity or thrift shops. I don’t feel as though there is a specific secret to it – it’s pretty much all about the art of patience and a keen eye.

However, there have been countless times where I’ve purchased an item only for it to collect dust at the back of my wardrobe and fail to see the light of day from then on, until I inevitably sell it on eBay or give it back to charity. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle – but we’re only human, and sometimes you can change your mind on an item, or simply not know how to style it. While I absolutely adore finding a vintage thrifted piece with some history, sometimes I do feel as though there is some character missing, and a serious lack of chemistry between the piece and I.

I conveniently work next to two charity shops, so sometimes I will pop in to see what hidden beauties may be lurking in the rails. I had noticed this rust-orange beauty of a shirt dress every time I ventured into one of said shops. It was clear that it hadn’t found a new home yet… So I thought – sod it – and picked it up off the rail and adopted it.



I gave it a whirl when I got home and found myself pleasantly surprised at the flattering fit – I often fall into the habit of buying things slightly too big for me in hope that they will magically shrink or somehow just work. Sometimes I am lucky, but that’s not always the case. However, this number soon proved itself as an anomaly – the tie waist detail is most definitely a winning factor, as it hugs my figure in a comfortable fashion and gives the dress itself some shape. Despite my falling in love with the colour, the tie waist detail, the elegant length, I decided something had to give.  The buttons.




It’s evident that tortoise shell buttons have taken the high street by storm this year. They can be seen sported or displayed on every corner, it seems – and I’m not complaining! They give any piece an elegant, individualistic twist, with a touch of ’90’s – a fashion era I am very much fond of. I felt they were the perfect ingredient in order to rebirth my new garment.

Despite being pretty much terrible at any sort of textile activity, I found that my basic sewing skills kindly chose not to fail me when attempting to revamp this second hand discovery. It just goes to show that with a little creativity, you can soon have a new piece that suits you and your style without having to take out a mortgage for it.



I confidently predict that rust will remain one of my favourite colours throughout the entire year, despite having an autumnal characteristic to it. Another plus about this garment is its versatility and ability to adapt to any season – I can picture myself sporting this number in the winter as well as the summertime.

Until next time,

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x

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