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When it comes to accessories, for me a bag can really make or break an ensemble. Have you ever dressed yourself and just knew something was missing, but didn’t know what? Until… you slung a dream of a bag over your shoulder or let it hang proudly at your wrist, and voila – a triumph of an attire was born.

Well, that’s pretty much my relationship with bags in a nutshell. I have a little family growing in my wardrobe… and I’d say 95% of them are vintage. Growing up, I’d always been so interested and infatuated with fashion and all that it entails. But there was something about finding a vintage gem that felt like more of an accomplishment than a high street find somehow. To go to extremes, possessing a vintage garment or accessory is like adopting a child. It has so much character and history within it, and has probably been styled for years and years in so many different ways. Some ways that may not even occur to you – but the versatility that comes with its age can not be dismissed.


32862219_10160532601095615_8170344900252925952_n (1).jpg


Over the past year or so, I have become an avid fan of combining new with old. Modern, high street trends combined with vintage favourites – The ensemble is the ice cream, and I just like to sprinkle some vintage on from time to time…

My current wardrobe pretty much consists of a vast array and variety of newer items, and that musky smell we all know and love that some older threads just won’t quit – I’ve come to rather like it, actually. It’s comforting to me, yet a little dangerous I’ll admit… It makes me want to find the nearest vintage fair and let loose!






This little beauty I am sporting here is one of the latest additions to my bag family. A proud eBay find, it just ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a trusty vintage accessory. There are a few wears and tears as expected, but like I say, it adds character more than anything, and I don’t doubt that she has a lot more life left in her (touch wood!)






I adore the individualistic print that this goddess of a bag displays; the floral, feminine print results in it being perfect for this time of year, yet the warm brown tone means that it’s also perfect for more autumnal conditions later on in the year. She’s a versatile one alright… therefore, she’s a winner.

Blouse – Topshop | Bag – Vintage | Jeans – Vintage Levis | Shoes – Amazon


So that’s a wrap…

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x


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