Hello again,

First things first: I have to put my hands up and shamefully admit that as of late I have severely been neglecting my blog. Many reasons are the root of this… such as life simply getting in the way, feeling incredibly uninspired, the list goes on so I won’t bore you.

Second of all… I hope you all had a lovely weekend. During the latter half of mine, I’ve felt a rather intense urge to manifest my feelings about something that occurred Saturday night while attending a gig. My boyfriend and I went to see a band we both like – As avid gig attendees and music enthusiasts, we were inevitably pretty ecstatic. Also, during one of our first conversations we had when we first met he had recommended the band to me, so it was pretty cool that we were now seeing them together, with me as a fan in tow.


The ecstatic, happy vibes soon converted to the complete opposite due to some moron deciding to drag my boyfriend into the crowd by his neck and try to punch him. No warning sign, no disagreement prior, nothing. Just a stone cold unprovoked and uncalled for attack. I have been to many gigs and concerts as well has my boyfriend, and I have never, ever witnessed something like this.


Growing up, gigs and concerts were deemed as my safe space to me, and a place of self-expression with a wide sense of community. The crowd is all there for the same purpose: to have fun, to dance, to listen to the music that keeps them going. It’s a strange yet interesting phenomenon as you find a common ground with absolute strangers through the music present. What I have never deemed it as is a place for people to manifest their inner anger or to live out their disgusting violent fantasies. Who are you to ruin the whole show experience for somebody else for a mere two minute release of any inner rage that you may possess? When you leave a gig, what you expect to leave with is an immense rush of adrenaline, happiness, and ringing in your ears. Not war wounds on your neck that look like you’ve been lashed with a belt by some madman.



I debated documenting about this as some may think I’m making a big deal about nothing. But not making a big deal about something makes it seem as if it’s acceptable, and this certainly isn’t. I for sure won’t let it ruin the memory of yet another amazing gig, but it’s 2018 for crying out loud – people need to acknowledge the difference between moshing and being a downright arsehole, to put it lightly. No genre of music should influence violent tendencies whatsoever, and if you think you can’t control yourself, then stay home. Watch a live performance on YouTube. You’ll be doing yourself and the crowd plenty of favours.


So that’s a wrap…

Thanks for reading my little anomaly of a post! Apologies for the random topic, but know that if anything like this ever happens to you regardless of the type of event, then do please report it. Shout about it. Violence is and never will be okay. There’s a worldwide ocean of problems going on right now, but tackling the small issues that are happening shouldn’t be put on the back burner.

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x



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