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It’s a little odd to be even thinking about spring, isn’t it? Especially considering only yesterday it resembled something close to a winter wonderland outside. There may be a bit of a nip in the air still, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming about basket bags and daffodils all day long…

One of my first ever blog posts was about my spring staples. It’s crazy to know that my little blog of mine is now one year old, so here we go with spring staples take two! It may be early days, but here are some pieces that I’m loving this season…


Admittedly, once I feel the temperatures rise and the sun showing its face more frequently, my instinct is to panic. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the warm weather and the sunshine, but it can only mean one thing: less clothes. Which means braving the bare legs.

My legs are one of my biggest insecurities, so it’s safe to say that a midi dress is a life saver in my eyes. They’re not so short where I feel self conscious, yet not too long so I feel a bit of a granny. The ones I’m going to be writing about today are absolute beauties – especially as they possess an elegant slit, which also helps avoiding the risk of feeling and looking like you’ve raided your grandma’s wardrobe. Feeling stylish without flashing your insecurities to the world is a comfort I am fond of – sometimes staying in your comfort zone isn’t such a negative thing…






This beauty of a number is pretty much everything I’ve ever desired in a dress. The elegance of the length, the contrast of patterns, the wrap detail… It was for sure love at first sight when I set my eyes on this. Polka dots and stripes are for sure my wardrobe fail safes, my number one gals, day-to-day fool proofs – you get the picture. So it was pretty inevitable that a love affair between this dress and I was bound to occur…






The fashion world seems to have an unwritten rule, or tradition if you will, about springtime street style. Pastels and floral garments are soon plastered in our faces – but I’ve never been keen to jump on that bandwagon. I love the odd floral piece, but pieces like this are what feel like home to me. We’re all different like they say, but this dress has a characteristic about it that makes it seem so fun and appealing, despite being of a monochrome colour scheme. Teamed with a trench coat, it brings elegant, floaty vibes to my wardrobe this springtime.

Dress – Topshop | Coat – H&M | Bag – Vintage








This gorgeous frock is most definitely a bloggers favourite at the minute. All of a sudden I was seeing it being sported left, right and centre on Instagram, and I soon succumbed to the temptation of buying it myself. It just looked so fun yet simple to style – The true epitome of a springtime dress. The tortoise shell buttons are what sold it for me; they truly are a hit on the high street this year, I can predict I’ll be investing in plenty of items that display them… R.I.P my bank account.





I added one of my favourite basket bags to the mix as I felt the colours and textures contrasted together so harmonically. I threw some trusty patent boots on my feet because well, let’s face it, it’s not exactly tropical weather outside just yet…

Dress – Zara | Basket Bag – eBay | Boots – Amazon






As I just mentioned, I won’t be shying away from my ever growing knitwear collection just yet, especially due to the intense unpredictably of the weather lately! Therefore, in more casual settings, I can predict I’ll be living in this balloon-sleeved beauty of a cardigan, combined with a tortoise shell buttoned blouse. The colour of the cardigan was definitely my favourite during the autumn and winter months, and despite the fact that brighter shades are typically worn in the spring/summertime, I don’t see my love for it stopping anytime soon! You shouldn’t restrict your favourite pieces just for one time of year – I can understand not wearing your parka coat in a heatwave, mind…





I’ll tell you what is perfect all year round though – a pair of vintage Levi 501’s. You can’t beat them.

Cardigan – HE Official | Blouse – Topshop | Jeans – Vintage Levis | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – New Look


So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into some of my springtime favourites this year! Here’s hoping the snow stays away…

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x



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