Hello again,

Brrr! And there was me beginning to get excited for spring and all that it entails. It definitely feels like we have back tracked weather wise; plans to dig out the floral garments and wicker basket bags will have to be put on hold for a minute, I think.

However, these Baltic conditions allow us to experiment with winter clothing furthermore. Yes, I know, I’m a little bit sick of it too, admittedly – but sometimes you just have to make do… Complaining about it won’t make it go away!

I adore oversized, vintage pieces, I believe I always have done. I remember when I first started becoming interested in vintage clothing at around fourteen/fifteen, and my mother kindly bought me a Levis jacket from our local vintage shop. Being a petite girl slap bang in the middle of her teenage years, it’s safe to say the thing drowned me. I was fully aware of this, though – and somehow it made me love it even more. Fears of looking masculine or boxy didn’t even enter my mind; little me was just too excited about starting her love affair with vintage clothing to even think about such a thing…

Fast forward five/six years on, the flame of said affair is still burning bright. I was recently on an obsessive hunt for the perfect brown corduroy blazer. In my post prior to this one, I expressed my love for brown corduroy at the minute, and over the winter months my love for blazers has significantly heightened, so I was eager to combine the two.

28279484_10160173024320615_831580037945111244_n (1).jpg



Turns out… The search was a bloody hard one.

I eventually found one on Etsy, and probably should’ve checked the exact measurements before clicking purchase. If I thought the Levis jacket from a few years ago drowned me, well I had another thing coming. This thing was huge, and I soon became a bit despondent and doubtful about my ability to rock such a piece. Well, after umming and ahhing for quite some time, I removed the shoulder pads as with them I resembled Frankenstein. A bit of a risk, as when it comes to textiles I’m not exactly the greatest…




After that, my confidence somewhat grew about wearing it. I took inspiration from my icon Audrey Hepburn and threw on a belt over the top. Accessories go a long way in my opinion – and Hepburn truly was a natural when it came to picking the right accessories. Take her outfit in Roman Holiday, for instance. She accessorised it herself, and I don’t think it would’ve been as legendary without the waist belt and neck scarf…






At the end of the day, no matter if it’s a super masculine piece of the most feminine garment of all, when accessorised the right way, you’re on to a winner.

Blazer – Etsy | Top – Vintage | Belt – ASOS | Bag – Vintage


So that’s a wrap…

Thank you for reading! Until next time,

Lucy Violet x

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