Hello again,

The sun was finally shining today, so that called for some much needed blog time! There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about not updating your blog – I am a keen fan of consistency, but with the weather being so out of sorts lately, it’s hard to work your way around it, let alone find some motivation. A cruel case of pathetic fallacy, for sure. But that soon disappeared when I saw the sun shining through the clouds and my blogging mentality came back in what felt like a flash…

I have been absolutely loving brown corduroy at the moment. Some may deem it as a rather autumnal pattern and colour, but nothing will steer me away from it! The versatility it possesses ticks all of the boxes for me… Whether it be a skirt, bag, pair of trousers… Pair the pattern with the right assortments and you’ll soon have an ensemble to be boastful about. Here are a couple of my favourite pieces that I own…






I feel like I am going somewhat back to my roots here. When I was fifteen, I purchased my very first pair of dungarees from a vintage fair. I ummed and ahhed at them for a while after said purchase, as I didn’t know if I could rock them without inevitably resembling a hillbilly. But, as time went on, I found my feet with them and during the summer after I turned sixteen, I wore them nearly everyday. I had just left school with bags of freedom, which essentially meant hanging out with my two best friends and cycling from dawn to dusk. The practicality a pair of dungarees withholds is mesmerising – the front pouch did wonders, especially when cycling, and held my little iPhone 4 (back in the day!) perfectly. What’s even better than finding a vintage gem is practical and handy little touches about it.





Moving on… Now I’m at the ripe old age of twenty, I thought I had outgrown my little dungaree phase. I was evidently proven wrong when I came across this dungaree dress, or pinafore if you will, on eBay. It was like I was staring right at what all of my brown corduroy dreams are made of. I have been hesitant to sport a pinafore prior to this – I found that so many girls rocked them so effortlessly and had that ‘cute chic’ aesthetic on point, but when I tried it, I looked like I was awkwardly playing dress up!






As you can see, my inhibitions were soon a thing of the past when I discovered this little number. Three cheers for trying new things…

Beret – Amazon | Necklace – Zara Taylor | Dungaree Dress – Superdry | Coat – Topshop | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Dr Martens






In all honesty, when I considered purchasing these babies, I had the fear of looking like a wannabe Geography teacher. But, as I stated above, three cheers for trying new things – These beauties soon ended up in my shopping basket…

I adore that as of late, the fashion world is embracing flares/awkward length trousers in all its might. Sometimes, skinny jeans just aren’t an option – Essentially, they’re boring after a while, and you can’t do a great deal with them when in terms of style. I seem to be on a subconscious trouser experiment recently! I love when the trousers, well, wear the trousers when it comes to displaying an outfit. There’s nothing better than finding a kick ass pair and them inevitably becoming the forefront of your ensemble…








Coat – Topshop | Necklace – Zara Taylor | Top – Vintage | Bag – Vintage | Trousers – BDG @ Urban Outfitters | Shoes – Zara

So that’s a wrap…

Thank you for reading about my ongoing love affair with brown corduroy! Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x


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