Hello again,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and even lovelier weekend! Unfortunately, I’ve been in bed for the past four days nursing a cold. It’s admittedly the first time I have been ill this winter thus far, so I can’t complain too much. Or so you’d think! When you’re stuck in bed with not much else to do, it’s terribly easy to fall into the habit of dwelling on things you wouldn’t usually dwell on. Perhaps it’s the lack of productivity causing some anxiety, or just boredom working in funny ways. Long story short, when it comes to being a patient, I am one Negative Nancy…

As we are still early into the New Year, I still often hear people wishing one another a happy one, and a healthy one, too. It’s a nice gesture to wish someone health – however, it’s an easy assumption that they’re regarding their physical health. It’s important that we take care of our mental health also, all through the year. Although, that is rather a broad statement to make as our minds are such funny things, always working in such complex ways to the extent that we may not even understand it ourselves. And that’s perfectly fine – as my boyfriend often tells me when I feel overwhelmed – just ride the wave.



That being said, it’s hard to ride the wave when you’re too bloody ill to get on the surfboard in the first place. Having unexpected free time leads to an easy dissection of everyday aspects of life. And what has the aspect of choice been this week, you ask? Instagram. You’ve probably heard of it.




As I’ve been more present that initially planned on social media this week, not necessarily post wise, but I’ve found myself scrolling and browsing a bit more than usual – I’ve come to realise that I’ve got that ‘bug’ again that I get every once and while. I’ve spoken prior to this post of my love-hate feelings towards the internet, which sounds rather hypocritical to say as I am literally writing a post via the internet as we speak. However, every now and then I get a bit overwhelmed with the ‘pressures’ of it all, so to speak. But these said pressures are pretty hard to get your head around at times. Often when I indulge in social media a bit too much, I am left with the feeling of not being good enough. This is due to the sensationalised lives of others only being shown on Instagram at all times. Granted, no one wants the world to see them looking like shit, but it often distorts your perspective of reality after a period of over indulgence of the app.


I know what you’re probably thinking – Lucy, it’s not that deep. I am aware of that – but when Instagram is your primary resource to essentially ‘advertise’ your blog, it’s natural to get frustrated once and while. I am not that brainwashed – I realise it’s just a mere app through a screen and does not represent the struggles of real life whatsoever. But when we are slap bang in the middle of the digital age, it’s rather difficult not to be swayed, and when you eventually come back down to Earth, you kind of realise how screwed up it is to feel this way. And of course, the revised algorithm does not help.


So, after much thought, here are some reminders/rules I felt was best to jot down once this bug inevitably comes around again… (Just call me Dua Lipa)

1. It’s easy to cover up any struggles with a heavily edited, happy photograph. Don’t become jealous over something that someone wants you to see. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine…

2. Don’t panic if you can’t find a worthy photograph to update your Instagram with. It’s not an end all, be all end situation.

3. Simply – it’s not real life. Period.


So that’s a wrap…

I apologise if I’ve rambled on a bit! I just hope it makes anyone that may be feeling the same way a little better – as much as I love the internet, it shouldn’t rule your life or make you feel like shit. Happy indulging, folks…

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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