Hello again,

I hope you all had the most magical Christmas! It’s safe to say I have shown my little blog of mine some neglect this month. Being bombarded with errands running up to the most wonderful time of the year, working, and other little life commitments, my blog was the one to suffer! But Christmas day is finally over – sob – which means I have more free time doing what I love most – writing about clothes.

Each year I do the same thing. When it reaches November/December time, I tell myself not to buy any festive garments that are only really suitable for this time of year. This being velvet, sequins, glitter, you know the kind I mean. But then I allow myself to fall in love with so many items, and I stand there at the till, or stare at my phone screen showing my basket, wondering how I let myself get this far. Ah, well, I can’t be doing with wearing floral in the winter, can I?

The ones I am always captivated by are velvet items. I’ve been an avid lover of velvet since forever – it’s such a comforting material. And with New Years Eve being tomorrow night, I am sure half the nation will be throwing on their favourite velvet threads and partying the night (and year!) away in style. Here are a couple of my favourite velvet investments this month…









A velvet blouse combined with some bell sleeves is a match made in Heaven, in my eyes. There’s something about floaty sleeves that really feminises an outfit and gives you a sense of elegance. Despite this blouse being a few sizes too big for me as I found it in the sale, the finesse of the sleeves cause me not too feel drowned by this blouse.






Of course, the sleeves are not the only star of the show here – I absolutely adore the gold floral detail on the front. Slightly contradicting with what I said previously about florals in winter, but hey, if it’s on velvet, it’s okay right? Right…

There’s something about this piece that gives me slight vintage vibes, which is probably what drew me in. Think ’90’s mom at a Christmas party’…

Beret – Amazon | Blouse – New Look





These. Trousers.

Admittedly, I was slightly apprehensive about sporting these babies so soon after Christmas due to that Christmas bloat we all know and love… Insecurities about my weight/figure soon arose, but the beauty of high waist garments is that they can shape your figure and hide any lingering food babies… and if it’s velvet, then that’s even better. The smoothness of the material will make you feel at ease in an instant.






I am pretty much obsessed with all things celestial, so when I spotted these on the Topshop website, I more or less was infatuated. My size being out of stock lead to constant (or obsessive?) refreshing of the page. Well, it paid off!

Jumper – Zara | Trousers – Topshop


So that’s a wrap…

Thank you for reading! And of course, have a lovely New Years Eve…

Until next time,

Lucy Violet x

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