Hello again,

I can’t believe that it’s the last month of 2017. This year really has gone by like lightning; it feels like just yesterday I was blogging in the sunshine with a basket bag permanently by my side. Now, I’m wrapping up warm in oversized scarves and multiple layers.

Christmas is for sure creeping upon us at rapid speed, and it’s not unheard of for glittery, sparkly, velvet, etc. garments to come into trend around this time of year. There’s something about December that makes you want to dress like a big disco ball everyday. But is there really anything wrong with that, come to think of it?…

Before I had even thought about Christmas party wear, I was actually inspired a few weeks ago by a very unpredictable young lady. My boyfriend and I watched the film Coraline – Admittedly I had never seen it before, and was slightly sceptical when he suggested to watch it. I didn’t know a great deal about it, and the fact that it was animated led me to make the foolish assumption that it would be slightly childlike. Boy, was I wrong in so many ways – it captivated me to no end with it’s unique darkness and weird-but-wonderful quirks.

But there is a certain garment of hers that I actually came to envy – her star print jumper. The way it sparkled subtly as she walked resulted in me lusting for one myself. I don’t think I’ve ever pined over a piece of clothing that I’ve come across in an animated film, but there’s a first time for everything…




Unsurprisingly, I was unable to hunt one down that looked identical to hers. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this one from F&F @ Tesco. It was everything that I didn’t know I was looking for; a more subtle model of Coraline’s, and easy to adapt along with my personal style…







Pairing this celestial piece of knitwear with my crescent moon necklace was actually a happy accident, and one I am in favour of! I adore the look of the little gold stars accompanied by any piece of gold jewellery. The amount of stars featured on this jumper is just right – enough to make a statement, but not too many that it feels as if it’s a little bombarded or over the top.






So that’s a wrap…

I can predict that this number will be a popular one to sport around the Christmas time; I’ve pretty much worn it to death already! Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x


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