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It sure is hard not to fall into a reflective state of mind once December draws closer and closer. After a tough year last year, I am somewhat proud of the personal obstacles and progression I have made throughout 2017, within a variety of aspects. Some through character and personality, some through well-being, and some through style. Today, let’s talk about style…

I am forever being subconsciously inspired aesthetically by all those around me. Whether it’s someone famous, fellow bloggers I follow on Instagram, strangers, friends, you name it. Therefore, it was fairly tricky for me to pick specific people to list as my style icons of 2017. I feel that are so many, with a wide range of significance. Personal style is forever a work in progress – not to say there’s always ‘room for improvement’ as that sounds a bit too negative for my liking – but for me, it’s ever changing. I go through phases or slight obsessions without even realising! It’s refreshing, in a way, to know that I am becoming less scared of trying new things. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t – who cares? My Granny often says she will always try something once, perhaps that’s yet another subconscious influence right there.

It’s the admiration of these ladies that give me the courage and inspiration to try said new things through their uniqueness and natural flair of hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the term ‘personal style’.





A pretty obvious one to start with. I’ve expressed my love for Hepburn a number of times. At the start of the year, Audrey was quite a big style inspiration for me. My love of polka dots heightened significantly, and she always seemed to rock the classic pattern so effortlessly. That and stripes – Audrey always gave them aura of a cool French girl – it’s crazy just how much she could pull off…




Her effortless grace and elegance is something I feel a lot of people admire about her. A lady that could bring such class and sophistication to an oversized Breton striped t-shirt and simple black trousers, she will forever remain my vintage fashion hero.






I feel that it’s safe to say that Birkin inspired a lot of us this spring/summer. Basket bags made their ultimate comeback in all shapes, sizes and forms, and you can’t deny that Jane will always remain the queen of the basket. Birkin has taught me many important things when it comes to personal style and appearance…

One – You don’t need an enormous bust, defined curves or perfect teeth in order to feel or look sexy. Birkin possessed a petite, skinny yet elegant figure, and her posture and vibrancy through her body language made her even more wonderful. A cool, calm and collected woman with such a distinctive, effortless style that she truly masters – what’s not to admire?



Two – A pair of flared jeans will go a long way, if styled correctly. Flared jeans are always a touch and go garment for me – some days I feel confident and radiant with ’70’s vibes, other days I feel like an 11-year-old wannabe skater at a school disco. But, Birkin has tutored me that with the right styling of them, they can essentially be fail-safe.


Three – Bed hair. Always.






Honestly. These three.

In my opinion, they have absolutely killed it with the style game this year. Every outfit has been on point – whether they are sporting an elegant ball gown or a classic combination of vintage jeans, t-shirt and patent boots, they always go the extra mile for me.


Tweed blazers have most definitely been a hit this A/W, and the way Danielle rocks hers is definitely something to go by. Her feminine, long hair matched with her subtly androgynous styling is always a harmonic match for the eyes. She will always remain one of my modern muses.




Alana’s channelling of Kurt Cobain though…





In all honesty, this one came quite unexpectedly. When I hear ‘Aly & AJ’ I think of my best friend and I at ten years old shamelessly singing our hearts out to ‘Potential Break-Up Song’ and watching them on Disney Channel. But ten years on, they have revived their musical talent in a whole new light, along with an admirable and kick-ass aesthetic.



It’s hard not to be drawn into the vision of these two sisters. Their ’80’s-esque new EP matches their new visual personas so harmonically. Their sense of sisterhood within their music as well as their exterior appearance really does remind me of Haim. If at the start of 2017 you’d be telling me I’d be comparing the two sets of sisters together, I think I would’ve struggled to believe you. But Aly & AJ have aged like a fine wine during their absence from the music scene. It almost feels like as if they didn’t even need to try to be cool. They just turned up like, yep. We’re back.




So that’s a wrap…

So, there are just a few of my style icons this year. I honestly could’ve picked so, so many, but I could be here for hours!

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x