Hello again,

Brrr! As much as I love this time of year, I sure don’t deal with the cold very well. However, it provides us with the perfect excuse to invest in gorgeous coats and jackets, right?



I must admit, though, that I probably do own slightly too many jackets for one person. My mother is often saying to me, “you’ve only got one body!” And, obviously, I can’t argue with her. My habit of investing in jackets that I probably don’t need is a hard one to kick. Probably a New Years resolution to consider, come to think of it…




Nevertheless, I couldn’t turn this beautiful 70’s-esque dream of a jacket away when I came across it on the Topshop website. It seemed to reflect all of the Stranger Things garments that I lustfully envied over whilst recently watching the new season. Although it is set in the 1980’s, it resembles a crossover/transition of eras. The colour, collar and ring zips all fall together harmonically – I feel that it puts a new twist on such a classic style of jacket.


The 1970’s is something that I mention often. I seem to go through phases of channelling eras, but the ’70’s is always one that I find myself drifting back to. I especially love the mustard-tan shades this autumn – This palette really is autumn in a nutshell. Although it may now be technically winter, I can’t seem to shy away from all of the autumnal trends that I’ve been loving this year. Catch me in spring rocking the tweed, I’m sure of it…




I especially love the uniqueness of the cropped length – it enables you to feel rather feminine whilst wearing it. It falls pleasantly at my hips, but the warm padding inside secures you in feeling toasty, therefore no loss of warmth is had regarding the choice of length.


So that’s a wrap…

Long story short, I think I have found the love of my life in a jacket. This is definitely one to keep.

Until next time,

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x

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