Hello again,

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago I was frantically pondering how to adjust my wardrobe accordingly to the upcoming season change. Summer to autumn is never an easy transition, and I felt like I had forgotten exactly how to dress for autumn. However, I was soon proven wrong when high street stores started displaying a beautiful array of garments in the pattern of checks. Tweed, dogtooth, tartan… It’s all the epitome of autumn street style right about now. With autumn to winter being a much easier and less abrupt transitional period, I can already predict that checks will be joining me in the winter months, too…






I have been lusting over this Zara beauty for what feels like since the dawn of time. Have you ever come across an item and immediately started planning out about a million ensembles based around it in your head? Well that’s exactly what happened with this beautiful skirt and I. I often live by the motto ‘If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it’. I say often because if that was my permanent state of mind then my bank account would be in a very sorry state…

I thought that the fact my size was sold out online and was not intended to be restocked was a sign that it was just not meant to be. That was until I physically was in the store and clocked one left in my size. Admittedly, I spent quite some time in the changing rooms tutting and twirling, contemplating whether it flattered my body shape, or if it worked for me in general. I’d seen countless Instagram fashionistas rock the hell out of this piece and couldn’t see myself having the confidence nor the ability to do the same.






Evidently, I had a pretty abrupt change of heart and essentially thought sod it, and headed to the till. I had wasted waaay too much time painfully admiring this skirt online only to sheepishly admit defeat and hang it back on the rail. Plus, it’s so bang on trend that how could anybody really say no?

22552393_10159560381620615_4456078379374317330_n (1).jpg



Top – Miss Selfridge | Skirt – Zara | Bag – Vintage | Boots – Amazon







A brand I’ve been a keen fan of for quite some time is HE Official. I came across this lovely brand on Instagram via fellow fashion bloggers. Everything they seem to bring out I seem to absolutely adore – I came across these trousers and they pretty much entered my basket immediately!






What drew me to these specific trousers was definitely the length. An ‘awkward length’ trouser instantly gives you freedom in regards to footwear choice. A pair of Converse wouldn’t go amiss with these, nor would a pair of Doc Martens. They can be worn casually in the daytime, only to hold that versatility to be worn with some strappy block heels on more formal occasions, as demonstrated here…




Coat – Topshop | Top – Vintage | Trousers – HE Official | Bag – Vintage \ Shoes – Zara

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into my favourite check items this season!

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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