Hello again,

I absolutely adore vintage fairs. Every time I get a notification that it’s coming back to my hometown, that Saturday is immediately a write off. There’s something about it that is so different and refreshing than your usual shopping trip. The endless rails scattered with vintage beauties and gems just waiting to be found fills me with such excitement, it’s like Christmas Eve to me. It’s as if it’s a real life treasure map. Sadly, however, you can’t always find the treasure, no matter how many times you circle the fair hall, desperately eager to get your hands on something…

Unfortunately, the above was the case for me at the last fair I attended. Well, I did purchase a little cute coin purse, yet I felt unsatisfied. Admittedly I was on the hunt for something autumnal. It’s as if I entered with a specific item in mind, I just didn’t know exactly what it was, I just knew I would when I found it. Alas, I did not. That was until I went to a nearby vintage shop for one last treasure hunt.




I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect 60/70’s-esque suede skirt for quite some time, yet I had never managed to find one, even in an ocean of rails filled vintage garments that I endlessly swam through at the fair. I was quite surprised that it failed to cater for my desires. But fear not, I thought, I’m sure I will find one soon enough if I persevere…





I didn’t expect that ‘soon’ would translate to ‘approximately fifteen minutes later’! My ever-long search soon came to a pleasing end when I found this beauty hidden in the corner of a little vintage store. I thought that it was absolutely perfect for autumn – especially teamed up with some opaque tights and patent boots…





I absolutely love 60/70’s pieces, and I find this little gem to be the epitome of just that. I can’t wait to wear it to death this autumn!

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little post about jumping on the suede brigade!

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x




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