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Personally, I think everyone needs a new staple added to their wardrobe once a new season comes around. It’s as if you’re greeting the new beginning that the season brings with a new garment to match your surroundings. Throughout the year, there is always a typical colour scheme or trend that seems to repeat itself for each season. For example, in springtime you have your floral details and pastel palettes, and in winter you have velvet and glittery garments, more likely in the fail-safe shade of black…




For me this autumn, burgundies and browns are my ultimate go-to’s, and if they’re in the form of tweed, then it’s a match made in heaven. Tweed/dogtooth/tartan blazers have truly made a name for themselves as of late, and it’s a trend I am one hundred percent in favour of. If you’re like me and hate feeling a little too feminine, a slightly oversized blazer will help you reach that happy medium that you’re longing for. The bright side is these can easily be found in your nearest charity shop if you dig hard enough. Push aside your habits of looking at gender specific sections… The same goes for paying too much attention to the size label. If it works, it works. Labels mean zilch.





Admittedly I found this number on Depop, not a charity shop. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it – the name Jane Birkin rang in my head once my eyes locked on this beauty. It’s as if it’s autumn in a garment – the epitome of the palette I’ve been aiming to inject into my day-to-day ensembles…





I very, very rarely wear hats. If I remember correctly, I haven’t worn a hat since I went through a beanie phase aged sixteen! But I have been contemplating whether to invest in a beret for a while… A beret is a classic accessory, but I’m still trying to get to grips on how not to feel like a complete and utter tool while wearing one. Not going to lie, with this blazer, I felt as if I should be selling newspapers down a French alleyway in the 1930’s… Hopefully I find a burst of confidence sometime soon when wearing this headpiece!



I also adore the little corduroy detailing on the collar. It gives a pleasing finishing touch to such a timeless item. I always see these scattered on every other rail at vintage fairs, I thought it was about time I invested in one! Better late than never…

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