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Happy Friday! It’s a little sad to say that I’ve been longing for Friday all week, yet I have no plans. A plan free Friday night often leads to me mind mapping blog content in my head, or perhaps expanding on a thought I may have had earlier in the week. This week, it’s the topic of feminism. Always a controversial topic, I know. But hear me out, if you like…



I am all for feminism and everything it entails. I am fully an advocate for equality in all aspects of life. I don’t mean to portray myself as a special snowflake by stating this – in my opinion, this should be the norm perspective. However, this is 2017 and there is still a lot of progression to be made. Sigh.


Moving on… You may have noticed the sudden popularity of slogan T-shirts in the fashion industry. They are pretty much plastered all over the high street. I wrote about how to style one in a recent blog post… Some I like, some make me stop and think and ponder for a minute. Those that cause such pondering are ones with slogans such as:




… etc. Now I must get one thing straight before I continue, I love female empowerment and I think all females should strive to empower one another. There is nothing worse than cruelty, bitterness and bitchiness between, well, anyone… But my fellow females will know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to bitchiness within a set of women. It’s uncalled for. But what I have noticed, is that sometimes the lady sporting one of these T-shirts with an embroidered ’empowering’ message, is the one that will cast a dirty look your way for no apparent reason. In these circumstances, you have to practise what you are so apparently preaching. You wouldn’t buy a slogan T-shirt saying ‘I Love Pizza’ if you couldn’t stand the stuff, would you?


I am not slandering those who decide to purchase these garments, sure, they may not be my thing, but some wear them with good intentions. Others wear them purely for the sake of a trend, and I just don’t think that’s right.


I also don’t feel as if the consumers are to blame in this specific case. Big high street brands are taking full advantage of the rise of feminism and equality and plastering it everywhere. As consumers, we are drawn to aesthetically pleasing designs and colour schemes. Carefully picked fonts aligned to perfection add to the curiosity and the desire to purchase what’s on the hanger. It’s as if the industry have done a complete turn on us; for years it seemed to benefit from young girls and women’s insecurities by making us feel bad about ourselves if we didn’t look a certain way. Now women are embracing themselves and one another, as they bloody well should, they are jumping on the bandwagon and making it into a corporate, money-making scheme. Shocker.


I realise this has been a pretty negative post and I hope I haven’t put my points across in the wrong way. To me, feminism and female empowerment should come naturally and because you want to participate in it – not because a corporate brand says you should. Girl power forever.

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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