Hello again,

It’s almost impossible to believe that we are heading towards the end of August. September will soon be here, therefore that means a whole new season is approaching. I’ve discussed before how sometimes we can get so used to dressing for a
season, that when a new one rolls around, we soon forget how our wardrobes can cater for the changed weather conditions it may bring.  Well, it’s safe to say I haven’t got exactly too comfortable with dressing for the British summer, as it only felt about a week long!

September is an odd month for me – I associate it with new beginnings. It feels like it should be the start of the year. I have now been out of education for two years, yet I can’t seem to shift that feeling I used to have when I anticipated a new academic year on the horizon. It almost felt like a refresh of sorts. But now I am in the routine of working for the time being, I had the realisation that things must carry on as they were whilst others may be still hitting that said refresh button…

I am constantly reminded of this with ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ being flashed at me in every store window I seem to pass. Which got me thinking… September is a refresh after all. A restoration of trends and items of clothing that may have been deemed unsuitable for the so-called summer that passed us by so suddenly. It’s easy to incorporate a little bit of ‘Back to School’ into your ensembles. And no, I’m not saying do your best Britney Spears impression from the Hit Me Baby One More Time video. School uniform-esque attires don’t need to be seen as tacky – if done right, they can be the furthest thing from such a word. Looking effortlessly smart is an art few can master, and I am forever envious of those that have done just that… But throw a little bit of back to school spirit into your get-ups and you’re half way there – plus you don’t have any silly rules to obey. You make the rules.

Here are a few ways I inject a little bit of school spirit into my own wardrobe choices…







I absolutely adore this little vintage number. I bought it from a charity shop a few months back for the price of a whole pound. I will never tire of the sensation an absolute bargain can bring you. Pride, exictement, gobsmacked… the list goes on. I think stating that £1 is a bargain is a bit of an understatement, mind you!




I’ve noticed that similar blazers such as this have been hitting some high street stores, and appearing more and more on my Instagram feed. It’s pretty satisfying when you’re gaining inspiration from visuals you see online, notice when a new trend is forming, and then to realise… I have something just like that! It definitely saves you the aggro of searching online until the early hours of the morning according to your specific taste – that’s if you’re fussy like me…





Long story short, dogtooth/tartan blazers are 100% back. But did they ever really go away? They’re a timeless piece to have on your rail, and can formalise any old t-shirt and jeans combo. Here I teamed it up with a subtly frilled white jumper,  a pair of contrast denim jeans and loafers. Combining a pair of loafers such as these with a monochromatic blazer is fail safe, if you ask me. The masculinity of both items result in a harmonic merge – these were made to be collaborated. I furthered the gold hardware infusion by adding a vintage black croc bag – this beauty seems to be appearing in my posts more and more as of late!




Blazer – Vintage | Jumper – Next | Jeans – Topshop | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Topshop





Ah… dogtooth again. I had considered combining this skirt with the blazer above, but I didn’t want to go too Clueless. Some may be able to pull it off, however I don’t have faith in myself to master such an iconic look without the risk of looking like some Halloween gag.




I’ve had this skirt for so many years, I remember receiving a gift card for Zara one Christmas, and this was the result.  Card well used, I’d say, considering it’s lasted me such a long time. I love digging out old items you thought you may never wear again or forgot you had – there’s nothing like reviving a neglected piece of clothing and styling it a whole new way according to your current personal style. Styles are forever changing! Some things I wore a year or two ago I often think that I may never wear again. But is it the item,or how you styled it? Food for thought…



Anyway, here I styled it with the newest member of my little blouse family. I am forever telling my mother or my best friend “Don’t let me buy any more blouses!”, but I don’t think I will ever learn. I actually picked this up from the New Look sale – I love the neckline, it gives me major Alexa Chung vibes, specifically her Archive line.
The crochet/cut out detail is divine and perfect for summer, yet the pie-crust neckline will match beautifully under a black boyfriend coat for when the temperatures drop…




I stuck to my guns for the Back to School mentality and added a vintage black leather backpack. I seem to be crossing over eras here… The blouse gives me major 70s vibes, yet the bag screams 90s schoolgirl chic.

To finish, I threw a little bit of patent into the mix with these Zara strappy block heels.

Blouse – New Look | Skirt – Zara | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Zara





Paperbag trousers are so damn comfy, yet stylish and smart at the same time – and you all know how much I favour comfort over anything. Comfort zones are not a bad thing, people.


I am forever pondering as to how to style these pinstripe beauties. I think they are definitely an A/W staple… The beauty of paperbag trousers is they are so well fitted due to the trouser belt. They can be worn as loose or as tight as desired, on any body type. No one should feel limited in regards of what to wear.






Pinstripes are perfect for the chosen theme here. Whether you’re heading to the office, shopping centre, out to dinner… They can be styled in such a variety of ways – they win all of the versatility points from me. I don’t usually team the same pattern together, but I quite liked the look of the two colours together within the same pattern. Grey, navy, white and black are the fail-safe colour schemes to aim for if you’re feeling that Back-to-School spirit when it comes to fashion and your own personal style…

To accessorise, I added yet another vintage croc bag and some cream pointed slingbacks.

Top – Zara | Trousers – New Look | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Next


So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading… Here’s to September and new beginnings, whatever it is you might be venturing into!

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

One thought on “BACK TO SCHOOL VIBES

  1. Hi Lucy, just discovered your blog and so love your style. The blazer is so dreamy. I’ve been after one and am on that frenzied search for one I love at the moment, can’t believe your one was only £1! What a find. And the bag is amazing too. I picked up a vintage bag today with a golden Panther clasp- heaven! xx


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