Summer Series Vol. 4: How I Style a Slogan T-Shirt

Hello again,

Welcome back to my little Summer Series! Just to remind you of what it’s about – in this series, I select a piece of clothing at a time and style it in a variety of ways to display it’s true extent of versatility. I adore mixing things up – I am a strong believer that a dress isn’t just for formal occasions, nor is a t-shirt made only for casual settings. Coincidentally, this week’s choice is a slogan T-shirt…

Slogan T-shirts are super sought after this summer. They seem to have taken the high street by storm, so it was only inevitable that I would soon become the new owner of one. Everybody should have a trusty, go-to slogan T-shirt. As long as the slogan isn’t offensive, corny or tacky – they’re pretty much fool-proof.

Here are a few ways I style this little number I picked up from Topshop…






I was drawn to this tee partly because I loved the design, and partly because I love all things French when it comes to fashion. However, I do feel a little like a walking contradiction; I am currently making my way through a book titled How to be Parisian: Wherever You Are, and it states that a French girl should always stray away from vinyl or patent. Well, everyone can break a few rules, can’t they? I can’t say I’m in favour of this rule – Admittedly, I used to never be a fan of patent items, but it has stolen my heart as of late for sure.





When tucked in, there is a little excess material due to it actually being from their Maternity section. (I am not with child – it was the only one left available!), but if you know me well, then you know I am in favour of things a little oversized. They say beauty is pain, but I don’t find this necessarily true – it’s easy to be on trend and comfortable at the same time.





To complete this ensemble, I added in one of my favourite combinations at the moment – this beautiful, gold-chained croc bag, along with some white block-heeled slingbacks…


T-Shirt – Topshop | Skirt – New Look | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – New Look






I must admit that I was somewhat reluctant to pair these vintage pair of white jeans with this particular tee, as they are both different shades of white. This can be as equally as annoying as getting dressed for the day only to realise your outfit displays different shades of black. Some may not notice it, but it’s always lingering at the back of your mind. However – fear not, because it isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. These things can work – it’s not as if they will clash, and hopefully in the right lighting they will match up and the world will be put to right again. (Dramatic much?)




It sounds odd, but I really enjoy the result of the gold hardware on my loafers combined with the slogan of the T-shirt. They may be at opposite ends of the outfit, yet I feel that it’s a winner combo. I added my favourite Western belt to the mix as the jeans are slightly too big for me around the waistline, as well as to match my shoe selection of choice. I tied the T-shirt up in attempt to make things more casual. Finished with my favourite basket bag, a summery-French/Birkin-inspired look is complete.



T-shirt – Topshop | Jeans – Vintage | Belt – ASOS | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Topshop





I am not usually one to sport outfits this busy or chaotic, but I quite like these two pieces together. It’s a display of two of the biggest trends this summer – slogan T-shirts and gingham. And what delightful trends we have been spoilt with…




I added some practicality to the mix by selecting a vintage, black leather backpack. It’s an item everyone should have in my opinion – practical and classic, what more could you want?




For completion, I threw on some flat slingbacks this time, so that the practicality of the shoes matches that of the bag. I quite like the result of this mismatched outfit – sometimes wearing something a little different can pleasantly surprise you…

T-shirt – Topshop | Trousers – Topshop | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Next 


So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest edition to my Summer Series! Until next time,

Merci for Reading | Lucy Violet x



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