Hello again,

I’m off to Devon for a week tomorrow, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite products at the moment that I will be taking with me. I have to admit that I’m not one of those bloggers with a high-end collection of skincare products, and I rarely experiment with such things. I’m pretty much a one trick pony; what you see is what you get – if a product ticks all of the boxes for me, chances are I’ll be using it for years without a second thought of switching it up every once in a while. Boring, I know!


It feels like we’re slightly on the wrong side of the year to be praising LUSH for it’s Rose Jam scent – I eagerly wait all year for the Christmas releases, specifically Rose Jam. However, I invested in two bottles last year as I knew I’d run out before the next Christmas comes around. And thank God I did – I just opened my second bottle, and I’m pretty confident I can make it last until October…

So, it was pretty unsurprising when LUSH released it as a body spray that I was quick to invest. Despite trying to control my financial indulgences and save money, I could not resist my favourite scent in spray form. Similar to it’s siblings, the scent is so sweet you don’t need a lot of it at all. Therefore, I deem this a wise investment as I can predict it’ll last me a long time.



For my face, I have been heavily relying on this little beauty by Mario Badescu. It’s definitely a bloggers favourite, and I’m a little ashamed of myself that I hadn’t invested sooner. During the heatwave that unexpectedly struck us last month, this baby was an absolute life saver. The convenience of the size means it’s easy to pack away into my basket bag for when I’m on the go. Plus, it sets your make up wonderfully. The subtly of the scent matches up perfectly with the sweet strongness that comes with Rose Jam.



I can hold my hands up and admit that I am bloody awful when it comes to keeping a consistent skincare routine. I have always been the same – it’s an awful habit. However, with a few sprays of this, my skin feels so much more hydrated. Yet again, you don’t need a lot to experience the full effect of this product – therefore it’s an absolute winner in my eyes!


These two babies will definitely be travelling away with me tomorrow…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into a few of my July favourites. What are you loving this July? Let me know…

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x 

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