Hello again,

I have to admit that I seem to be obsessed with all things ’70’s lately. It was such an iconic era – I seem to favour the ’60’s and ’70’s when it comes to eras of fashion the most. I don’t know what it is about it – the hair, the music, the vibe, the colour schemes… It all makes up for a very pleasing-to-the-eye finish. Twiggy, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot… The list is endless, so it’s unsurprising that so many are still so influenced by these incredible fashionistas.

My boyfriend and I have actually been religiously watching That ’70’s Show lately. Although filmed in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, it’s set in the decade of the ever so influential ’70’s. It’s hard not to envy the style – I’m particularly in love with the high waist, flared jeans they all wore. It makes you want to time travel back to those times. It almost makes you feel nostalgic about a time period where you didn’t even exist!


Coincidentally, I recently picked up the dreamiest ’70’s-esque blouse. The flared sleeves made it impossible to resist. Big, floaty sleeves have been a triumph in the fashion world over the last year or so, and I doubt they will stop any time soon – they make any old top a million times trendier, and you can channel your inner Stevie Nicks whenever you damn please…




Levi jeans were super sought after during this iconic decade, so I felt that it was inevitable to team my latest vintage find with a well-fitting dark blue pair, with a slightly flared leg, to accompany the sleeves. I always find Levi jeans slightly too long for me – I have about four or five pairs, and I’m pretty certain I’ve chopped the hems off all of them for a more distressed, cropped look.




It’s safe to say I was inspired by Birkin here by throwing my favourite basket bag into the mix. I usually have a long strap attached to this beauty to hang over my shoulder, but Birkin always did it handheld… and you can’t disrespect the queen of basket bags…




Here, I added a neck scarf to also represent my love for the ’60’s style. There’s nothing wrong with crossing over eras… Add any ’60’s-esque accessory to an otherwise ’70’s inspired outfit for a late 1960’s-early 1970’s transition look…




On my feet, I protected myself from the rain (typical British summer weather!) by adding my favourite black, patent boots to the ensemble. I have to admit this was rather Haim inspired – those sisters are always giving me major ’70’s vibes with their denim and patent combinations, so I thought it would be more than appropriate here. Plus, it gives a touch of a modern vibe to complete the outfit.



Blouse – Vintage | Jeans – Vintage Levi’s | Boots – Unbranded via eBay | Neck Scarf – Vintage | Bag – Vintage


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little ramble about all things ’70’s. It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote about vintage pieces, so this was super fun to do!

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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