Hello again,

Happy Sunday! I hope your week has been glorious – and even more so your weekend. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to add to my little Summer Series this week, due to being so busy with work, my sister’s graduation, my best friend’s birthday, and so on… So, I decided to put together a little short and sweet one as a little update until the next entry of my Summer Series is up!

As a little lazy Sunday adventure, my boyfriend and I decided to stroll down to the shore not far from his house. The weather was treating us wonderfully – after a few spells of rain over this last week, it was nice to be by the water with the warmth of the sun on our faces accompanied by the slight breeze. A perfect combination for an otherwise uneventful Sunday!



It wasn’t until we arrived that I realised I had accidentally been sporting the perfect uniform for being by the shore – stripes. I adore stripes, and I mentioned previously in my last entry that I very reluctantly wear strapless garments. However, this latest gem of an addition to my overflowing wardrobe is another anomaly when it comes to this fact. For only a mere twelve pounds in the Topshop sale, it was hard to pass up – it’s safe to say I’m a sucker for stripes, and the unique style of this beauty made it almost inevitable that a purchase would soon be made…




Accompanied by some pleated culottes, strappy black patent flats and my absolute favourite bag this season (that may as well be surgically attached to my hip, judging by the amount of times I’ve worn it lately…) I felt cool yet comfortable; I’m a big fan of comfort, but that’s not to stay you can’t look a little stylish when opting for the more relaxed side of things.




This number will definitely be sported throughout the summer, and I see no reason why it can’t appear in the autumn, too… I love how versatile it is – I thought the culottes combo wouldn’t necessarily work, but I felt that it did. Culottes, shorts, jeans – you name it… This is an absolute winner when it comes to versatility within styling, in my eyes.

Top – Topshop | Trousers – New Look | Shoes – Office | Bag – Vintage via Etsy


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into one of my favourite additions to the ol’ wardrobe lately… Until next time!

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet xΒ 

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