Summer Series Vol. 2: How I Style a Jumpsuit

Hello again,

Welcome back to the second post of my little Summer Series! In this series, I share with you different ways to style one piece of clothing, or how to adjust it accordingly to Britain’s ever so unpredictable summer weather…

This week, I decided to discuss a classic jumpsuit I managed to pick up from a charity shop a few weeks ago. Originally from H&M, I thought it was such a steal as it’s definitely a timeless piece, and can be styled in all sorts of ways. Admittedly, I was reluctant to buy it at first due to it being strapless. I never wear strapless pieces – however, I am often complimented on the definition of my collarbones, so I thought what better time to jump out of my comfort zone a little bit?

Here are just a few ways I style the classic all-in-one beauty…

Class Meets Comfort




This is definitely how I’d sport a piece like this on a day-to-day basis – a classic basket bag by my side, neck scarf around my neck with cream, pointed slingbacks on my feet… It’s all about keeping comfortable while presenting your unique style to the world.



Of course, there are many ways you can rock a neck scarf – I presented two ways here, either with the tie behind you, or in front for a classic Hepburn look. But it’s important to consider that you don’t need to sport one around your neck in order to incorporate it into your ensemble…


Tying it loosely around your basket bag is also another way I’d inject a little bit of vintage here… If it’s your kinda thing, you can always tie it on your head for a bandana-esque vibe…





I mentioned in my previous post, where I declared my love for the Haim sisters, that I’m on the lookout for the perfect leather jacket. I finally managed to find one on Depop, originally from Zara. After endlessly scurrying through vintage fair rails in intense desperation, it’s a relief to finally have my hands on one. Although I love all things vintage, vintage leather jackets just didn’t suit me or my body type, at all. I adore boxy/oversized garments as much as the next gal, but maybe I have discovered that there is such a thing as too boxy…


Anyway, for the cooler summer evenings, it’s perfect for throwing over your shoulders. Combined with the neck scarf, you have your Sandy-from-Grease look down to a T…





Jumpsuit – H&M | Jacket – Zara | Scarf – Vintage | Bag – Vintage via Etsy | Shoes – Next


Beachy Vibes





Here I go for a ‘breezy-afternoon-at-the-beach’ look with some frilly gingham sandals and my latest addition to my basket bag family. This bag is literally made for the beach, and teamed up with these dreamy sandals are a match made in heaven…


For the cooler night time, throw on a slightly oversized denim jacket…




For extra room and convenience regarding bag choice, you can’t go wrong with a classic tote bag, especially when you’re on the go. I opted for this little celestial beauty – I am obsessed with suns and moons, yet rarely incorporate this love into my outfits. But this dreamy vintage find left me with no excuses…

Jumpsuit – H&M | Jacket – Vintage Levis | Sandals – ASOS | Basket Bag – Vintage via eBay | Tote Bag – Vintage


Out for Dinner




Of course, this jumpsuit is also perfect for more formal occasions. Add a dreamy pair of patent, block heels and a classic gold-chain bag, and you’re set. There’s something about gold hardware that always dresses up an outfit – especially if it’s against black…



I injected a little bit of velvet by adding this beautiful vintage bag to the mix. I adore velvet, but you always run the risk of looking a bit gothic if you get a bit too enthusiastic about it, so I found this little velvet infusion to be tasteful, without the goth vibes (I hope!)




Jumpsuit – H&M | Heels – Zara | Bag – Vintage


So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into how I style a classic black jumpsuit! How would you style yours? Let me know in the comments…

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x


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