Hello again,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far… The weather has taken a turn for the drearier side, it’s safe to say – I had all intention of continuing with my little Summer Series this week, but I wouldn’t exactly say it looks like summer outside, would you?


Therefore, I decided to share some thoughts about something else this week. I’ve been obsessively listening to Haim lately as they’ve been releasing some tracks from their upcoming album, Something To Tell You. I’ve been waiting for this album for what feels like forever – I swear the artists I love the most always take their damn time when releasing new long-awaited material. But as they say, you can’t rush perfection…


I’ve always loved Haim’s unique and trendy aesthetic – they always tick all of the boxes for me, and their outfits compliment one another in the most harmonic ways. Having two sisters myself, it gives me an overwhelming sense of sisterhood and girl power when I watch them do their thing… whether it’s on the stage with their guitars or in front of a camera for a photoshoot, they seem to do no wrong in my eyes.

So, I thought I’d sing my praises here and present to you some things these three awesome sisters have taught me over the years…



I mean, I already knew this, but Haim definitely emphasise this point on a whole other level. There seems to be an unfair perspective cast upon ladies who want to rock out on guitars, even after all of the greats – Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, PJ Harvey, for instance – yet there will still be some miserable old sod who will mumble grumpily…

“Girls don’t suit guitars”

… Where people get that idea from, I will never know. And, unsurprisingly, the sisters themselves have faced this unjustified prejudice when making their way through the industry.


That’s exactly it – girl bands shouldn’t be described as girl bands, in my opinion. They’re bands… Simple as that.


“There needs to be more of us that are ready to do it and take on the dudes, because we’re just as good. More likely we’re better. It shouldn’t be a surprising thing to be a girl band.” – Alana Haim



Haim are up the top of the list when it comes to my style muses, they just ooze cool and are pretty much the epitome of the word. However, some people seem to think that a stern exterior comes with the territory when it comes to this – in order to be cool, you gotta be mysterious and edgily miserable. That’s simply not the case, as Haim have demonstrated…

I watched their performance on Graham Norton the other week, and their brief chat after, and their happiness was so refreshing to see. It made me wish I was there to kick back and have a drink with them. (And maybe join the band?) (Despite having no musical talent whatsoever…?) (One can only dream.)



As I mentioned before, the Haim sisters give me such a sense of girl power and sisterhood through their music as well as their exterior. However, it’s not the false kind that you see everywhere these days due to it being a sudden trend and a giant marketing scheme – it’s authentic and straight from the heart, simply by being a family.



It’s safe to say that these three all look pretty similar due to their hairstyles, yet they all withhold their own unique aesthetics and styles. I noticed that in the earlier days, you would see Danielle always sporting trousers or jeans, Alana in the shorts, and Este rocking a skater skirt or dress. While they’ve strayed away from this little tradition as of late, they still rock whatever they wear in their own little ways… They find the perfect happy medium when it comes to exploring vintage yet modern trends – something I aim to do each time I put an outfit together.


I adore this era’s aesthetic to no end, especially the outburst of patent that seems to have been injected into their outfits… This jacket though…


I have such a love-hate relationship with leather jackets. I’ve owned a few in the past, but never really felt as if they suit me. I am yet to find one that looks as good on me as one looks on Danielle. Am I being too hopeful there? Probably, but there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic…

However, if I am ever lost as to how to style one to perfection, I will look no further than these three when looking for inspiration.

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little fan girl moment writing about these three iconic women.

Until next time,

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x

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