Summer Series Vol. 1: How I Style a Tea Dress

Hello again,

Saying that these last few days have been a scorcher would be the understatement of all understatements… I adore dressing for the heat, but actually dealing with it is another story. No one really prepares you for when the temperatures suddenly hit the high 20s mark when you’re so used to Britain’s ever-so-average weather conditions. Well, today is officially the longest day of the year, therefore summer is well and truly here…

I have mentioned to death how much I value versatility within pieces of clothing – I am a strong believer that a piece shouldn’t be limited to just one occasion or dress code. It’s such a waste, if you ask me… all you need is the right accessories and you’re good to go, wherever your destination.

Therefore, I have decided to do a little ‘Summer Series’ where I share with you how I style different pieces of clothing from my overflowing wardrobe this summer. Today, it’s the tea dress…

I had been lusting over this Urban Outfitters vintage-esque beauty for so long, but I couldn’t justify purchasing it, due to having a slip dress rather similar. But, when I saw that it was in the sale, I felt that no more excuses could be made, and my thumb was found lingering over the ‘Buy Now’ button…


Evening Events



I thought I’d begin with a ‘dressed up’ sort of attire. Here, the dress is styled with an evening out somewhere fancy in mind, but with a small block heel for comforts sake…




I hardly ever wear my hair down in this sort of humidity due to it being so thick, but I felt throwing it up would be more appropriate for more casual situations. I also threw in a black vintage croc bag – the gold chain against the subtle feminine lace is a combination I am a fan of. The pink nude shade compliments the ivory base colour of the dress wonderfully – sorted…





Dress – Urban Outfitters | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Daytime Casual



This is definitely how I’ll be wearing this tea dress 99% of the time… it’s safe to say I am right in my comfort zone with a basket bag by my side, a denim jacket on hand for when it gets chillier in the evenings, and my hair thrown up into a bun.



I’ve been after some espradille-esque sandals or summery shoes for a while, but never really found ones that ticked all of my boxes. But, when I came across these lovelies in George @ Asda, (I know, right?!), I thought that it had to be done… who says supermarket shoes can’t be made chic?





Add a slightly oversized denim jacket to add an even more casual vibe to your attire. I recommend Levis all the way – you can’t go wrong…


Dress – Urban Outfitters | Jacket – Vintage Levis | Sunglasses – H&M | Shoes – George @ Asda | Bag – Vintage via Etsy

On the Go




Converses sported with dresses are certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, but I’ve always been a fan of the combination, as long as it’s done right. Sometimes you just want to feel a little feminine while being practical at the same time – therefore monochrome Converse mixed with this botanical and also monochrome number is a match made in practicable heaven.



Bag wise, I opted for a 90s vibe, black leather backpack. Thrown over my shoulders, it adds to the practicability of the outfit, therefore I can get errands done whilst keeping cool at the same time.

Dress – Urban Outfitters | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – AllStar Converse


Festival Chic



This white denim XL dream literally drowns me, but I think that’s the beauty of it. Here, I find my happy medium when it comes to combining masculine and feminine garments.



I feel that floral dresses are a big hit when it comes to festival season, therefore I attempted to style this one as if I was attending one. An oversized, vintage denim jacket to somewhat protect the feminine half of the attire, with trusty Doc Martens Chelsea boots on my feet to tackle those pesky muddy fields. These two brands have always been close to my heart – I first became interested in vintage fashion when I was fourteen;  I received a second-hand pair of lace-up Docs for my fifteen birthday, and then bought my first Levis jacket from a local vintage shop with my birthday money. I haven’t looked back; they are the two brands that have never let me down…



Dress – Urban Outfitters | Jacket – Vintage Levis | Shoes – Doc Martens

So that’s a wrap…

That’s how I style a classic tea dress! How do you style yours? Let me know in the comments…

Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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