My One Issue

Hello again,

If you read my entries regularly or follow my Instagram, you’ve probably caught on to how much I adore fashion. Whether it’s through admiration or expression, I am fully devoted to it, I’d say. One of my main concerns is that it comes across as a materialistic practice. I can assure you that it’s not – it’s simply a creative outlet, which I express via these platforms. In my opinion, it’s no different than an artist painting a canvas or a musician recording a song. Everybody has their own unique, creative quirks and pleasures – this just so happens to be mine.



I am forever close to writing that I love everything about it. But I’d hate to lie – there is one thing that has been bothering me lately when indulging in my favourite hobby…


Recently, I have found that more and more brands or stores fail to accommodate for the complication that is the sizing of the human body. From what feels like since the dawn of time, we have been provided with S, M, L, XL, and XXL – translating to Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large. Women are also provided with sizes from 4-22, usually. But what happens when you are a completely different size on one part of your body than the others?


I’ve discovered that this is the case for me regarding my chest to my waist, hips and legs. From an early age I wished endlessly to bloom into a full chest as quickly as possible, mainly because all of the girls my age were doing so and I wasn’t… When my time finally came, I was less bothered. But as I’ve grown older, the desire to time travel and kick my younger self only increases as the days go by. A few of my recent purchases have fit like a dream everywhere else but my chest area – these garments of choice have certainly been made for girls with flat chests and fall dangerously low cut on body shapes such as mine. I’ve spoken in previous entries that I struggle with finding the enthusiasm to wear low cut garments due to insecurities and personal preference – why should I have to consider wearing another piece of clothing underneath something, just because the brand made it with only petite females in mind?


Another thing I’ve also noticed is the irregular sizing of various pieces of clothing in the same store. Plenty of people I know can try on two separate styles of jeans in the same store, with the result being that one fits perfectly whilst the other doesn’t. I understand how complex catering for all of the human bodies must be be, but I strongly believe that the size measurements that are offered are incredibly limited and will only lead to self consciousness. Some people are incredibly vulnerable when it comes to their size, which is not surprising at all, given the medias unhealthy attitude to this sort of thing. The amount of times I’ve heard people talk about certain shops being ‘only for skinny girls’, etc. is incredibly saddening to me. Everyone, no matter how big or small, deserve to have the chance to wear whatever they want.



I realise this entry was pretty random, but I must admit that it suddenly came to me in the shower and I had the urge to document my feelings about it… it’s funny how blogging works!

Thank you for reading my ramblings about the one issue I have with what I love most. And please remember that your size does not dictate your worth…

Until next time,

Lucy Violet x



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