Wearing White | Summertime Staple

Hello again,

I only posted just yesterday, but I feel as though it’s been a while since I wrote about what I like to discuss most – fashion. This may sound rather odd, but once the sunshine started to show its face this year, I pondered briefly whether I am a winter or summertime sort of person. Obviously both are so different in their own ways, and both seasons have their blissful aspects as well as their downfalls. I was weighing up the pros and cons mainly due to their different attires – after depending on the security of overcoats and scarves for so long, you sort of worry whether you’re ready to step out into the world without these once summertime arrives.

But I have come to the conclusion, as much as I adore winter aesthetics and my little family of vintage coats, I am loving summertime fashion at the moment. The trends are wonderful – gingham, rattan/basket handbags, frills, you name it.

When summer does come around, it’s the time to steer clear of all black ensembles. Not because it doesn’t match the brightness of the current setting, but because black clothing attracts heat ever so quickly, so you’ll melt into a puddle of black threads in no time…

As I mentioned in previous entries, I adore the colour red – it brightens up my rather monochromatic wardrobe. But when I don’t feel like injecting a pop of red into my outfit this time of year, I usually am drawn towards white garments. They illuminate your outfit with the comfort of not feeling too ‘out there’. I’m rather fair skinned, so I used to be rather reluctant in wearing too much white, but I feel that’s a silly, unwritten rule that needs to be avoided – you don’t need a tan to embrace the white threads.

The White Floral Dress




I featured this Alexa Chung dress in one of my first look book sort of posts. She is my number one muse, and very recently she released a new clothing line. As fantastic as it is, I’m still lusting over this strappy number from her Archive @ M&S range. It puts such an individualistic spin on the classic slip dress, and the ditsy, floral pattern is to die for.



I once mentioned that I wasn’t a massive fan of the length of this dress, but I have grown to love it – it projects an elegant vibe, especially as the neckline is rather low cut. I must admit I’m not a massive fan of low cut necklines – my self consciousness reaches a new high when sporting one. It’s pretty ironic that I was a late bloomer, so I spent the majority of pre-puberty wishing I could flaunt what I didn’t have, and now that I have it – I wish the opposite. But what can’t be erased must be embraced, I suppose…




Teamed with my favourite white, pointed slingbacks and a classic vintage bag, my attempt on a ‘girly’ white ensemble is complete…

Dress – Archive @ M&S by Alexa Chung | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – New Look

The Potato Sack



I recently picked up this oversized, Chandler Bing-esque button up blouse/waistcoat from a charity shop. It’s not like something I would usually buy, and I almost put it back on the rail… but for some reason I had an urge to buy it. So I took it upon myself to take this potato-sack resembling garment and put my own individual spin on it, according to my personal style…



Despite being oversized on me, it fell a little too short to be worn independently as a dress. So I threw on some trusty vintage Levi shorts underneath, accompanied by a black lace vintage top to try and inject a touch of elegance and femininity.




That’s the beauty of charity shops – if you feel like being a little daring when finding something different, you can go ahead with the reassurance that if it goes wrong, it’s not like you spent a fortune anyway. This purchase only set me back £1.99, for example.


Waistcoat – Vintage | Top – Vintage | Bag – Vintage | Loafers – Topshop | Sunglasses – Topshop

The Smock




I found this little lovely smock on eBay last spring, and it still remains one of my favourite vintage items. I adore the crochet detailing, it resembles something that you’d typically find with a Laura Ashley label. The subtle puffed out sleeves gives it its own unique vibe – it’s a receiver of compliments whenever I wear it.


I once again threw on the trusty Levi shorts that I wore underneath in the previous outfit, as they’re comfortable and pretty much go with anything – a must! Teamed up with a straw bag, Western belt and patent strappy flats, here I have a perfect summer ensemble for when I’m on the go…



Smock – Vintage | Shorts – Vintage Levis | Bag – Vintage | Belt – ASOS | Shoes – Office

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into a few of my favourite white treasures… Until next time,

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x



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