Vintage Fair Escapades 

Hello again, 

Happy Saturday to all of you – I hope you’re having a lovely one! My weekends are usually nothing out of the ordinary; I’m either daydreaming of blog ideas, hanging out with my boyfriend and consuming way too much food and iced coffee… But my weekend was soon to be an exciting one (for me, anyway) when I realised that my calendar was marked with an event close to my heart – the vintage fair was back in town.


I absolutely adore vintage fairs. It’s like a dream come true to me; having so many pre-loved gems and jewels scattered around everywhere and knowing where to find them. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack – instead it’s a ruby in a stack of diamonds…
Making your way around a fair venue is an art that I soon forget how to master once I am there again. It truly depends how busy it is – if you land at peak time, chances are you’ll be jolting elbows and knocking knees and heels to get to the garments that have caught your eye. Whilst rummaging your way through the rails, you may find you have to brave that slightly musky scent of vintage clothing – luckily I have become immune to it.



One of my favourite things (I say one, because there’s hundreds) about a vintage fair is the little tea and cake table – there is always a wonderful selection of rustic, classic looking baked treats. I must admit I’ve never tried one, but I always stop to admire them. It’s my two favourite activities combined – vintage thrift shopping and baking. If you know me well, then you’ll know that my ultimate dream is to open my own little vintage shop with a classic cafe in the back that I’d bake all of the cakes for. Ah, one can only hope…

With the lovely live music being performed in the background, I am in my own little dream land when admiring all that the fair has to offer. Unfortunately, my mother doesn’t share the same enthusiasm as me towards things like this – a clash of interests led to me momentarily abandoning her on a shopping trip together. Usually I am an anxious soul who prefers to have company in large places or crowds, but in this case I’m in my own little happy bubble, so all potential anxiety refrains from seeping to the surface (thank goodness)




I did enter with the intention of finding a classic suede skirt – I’ve been on the hunt for a nice vintage one for a while, and I thought that the fair could cater for my desire for one. Alas, I was wrong – but all was not lost. My favourite stalls are the ones with the delicate little blouses and embellished jewels; it’s like stepping into a posh grandmas boutique. I soon found a pie-crust collar sheer blouse of my dreams. I had told myself not to buy any blouses as my wardrobe is overflowing with them, but when the stall owner told me that it was £5, I surrendered…




I’m also a hoarder of vintage bags – I actually bought my first one about a year ago at the same vintage fair, and it soon became a collection. I loved the unusual shape of this one, it’s not something like I usually own which is a bonus, as I seem to purchase things sometimes forgetting that I already own something terribly similar. I can’t wait to style these two purchases together.

There is always such a range of things to look at: vinyl, accessories, posters and prints… Admittedly I rarely stop to browse the prints, but as I was left to my own devices and free to spend as much time as I liked browsing, I decided to. I found one of my favourite photos of my style icon, Audrey Hepburn, with her pet deer Pippin. I knew exactly where I’d put it, therefore an out of the ordinary purchase was inevitable…


So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into my love for a good old vintage fair. Have a lovely rest of your weekend…

Until next time

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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