Summertime Favourites

Hello again,

May seemed to have a bit of a strange start in regards to weather. Overcoats were back out when sunshine was expected (or at least hoped for!) and we were greeted with a bitter breeze instead of blue skies. But, as of this week, it seems to have got its act into gear and it’s finally starting to feel how May is supposed to.

The thing that I find with this time of year is that we’re sort of in the limbo stage between spring and summer – it almost reminds me of the days between Christmas and New Years Eve when you don’t really know what to do with yourself, except this time I don’t know how to dress myself! You can be relatively chilly in the morning only to be sweltering in the spring-summer sunshine come midday… I’m just the same when it comes to autumn and winter, though – you soon get so adapted to dressing for a season that when the next one comes around, you almost forget how your wardrobe can cater for it.

So, I decided to take full advantage of this summer-like weather and present to you some of my summer favourites for this year. It may not be here just yet, but there’s nothing wrong with preparation… My aim for this summer is to attempt to embrace more of my femininity, while still staying in my comfort zone.

Red Ruffles

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my posts or Instagram, you’ll probably be aware that I’m a big fan of ruffles, frills or flares – I thought I’d leave them behind in autumn/winter last year, but they’ve followed me well into spring, and I don’t plan on abandoning them anytime soon!

The Blouse




This new little edition to my wardrobe is probably one of the cutest blouses that I’ve ever seen – and I must say that I’ve seen a lot. I saw a fellow fashion blogger Instagram this and headed straight over to the Topshop website to lust over it. Topshop seems to be the one that ticks all the boxes for me recently – I’m usually raiding through charity or vintage shop rails for some second hand treasures, but I can’t help but indulge in the beauties that Topshop brings out month after month. (R.I.P my bank account)





I’m a big fan of anything red (as I’ve mentioned before) but it’s the little injections of blue that drew me to this blouse – the floral patterns collaborating together resulted in such a beautiful array that I soon fell in love with it. With such a lovely marriage of botanical features combined with the subtlety of the flares on the sleeves and hem, it’s another Topshop sensation in my books.




Combined with some vintage Levi jeans with a DIY hem trim for comfort, my current favourite block heels and a classic vintage bag, I found my ultimate happy medium here in regards to staying comfortable yet exploring the floral-loving gal in me.


Blouse – Topshop | Jeans – Vintage Levis | Shoes – New Look | Bag – Vintage | Belt – ASOS | Necklace – Zara Taylor

The Dress



Another current favourite of mine, I decided to again stay in my comfort zone and throw on some strappy, black patent flats here.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to fashion, I just fancied adding some relaxation here. In my opinion, no one should stray from wearing something just because they feel they might not pull it off for whatever reason – if you want to wear it, then bloody wear it! I grew up shying away from so many things due to insecurities, and it soon grew tiresome of limiting myself from so much; I’ll soon be reaching the ripe old age of 20, and if I spend my twenties how I spent my teenage years in terms of self love, acceptance and confidence then I may just have to kick myself. Fake it ’til you make it, I say.

Now back to the dress…



I discovered this dress on eBay, originally from Boohoo. It reminded me so much of the bloggers favourite dress from Nobody’s Child that I’ve been seeing everywhere. The asymmetric ruffles gives it such an individualistic, feminine touch that it could be easily dressed up or down. I opted for flats here, but in a more formal setting I’d throw on some block heels. Hell, if you’re a trainers and dress sorta girl, then black converse would be perfect with this! The breezy, light material results in it being perfect for being on the go, even in hotter weather. Plus, it really does make you feel like the flamenco dancer emoji – result.




| Dress – Boohoo via eBay | Shoes – Office |

Gingham Addict




If it’s not clear by now, I must state that I adore gingham. It’s for sure this 2017’s S/S game changer, judging by its popularity. It’s stolen my heart, and evidently everybody else’s, too…



Here, I again found the perfect middle ground between comfort and experimentation with feminisation of outfits. The elegance of the Bardot neckline on the top and the court shoes combined with Mom jeans may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it works for me. I adore white at the moment – it makes every outfit seem just that bit brighter.


Finished with my trusty straw bag, this may be a new favourite ensemble of mine…


| Top – Vintage | Jeans – Vintage | Belt – ASOS | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Dorothy Perkins |

Lucy in Lace




I’ve had this dress for years – I specifically remember buying it with money I received for my 16th birthday in the Urban Outfitters sale. Admittedly, I have slightly neglected it over the years, but this summer is as good as any to bring it back to life. I almost parted with it when I put it up for sale briefly only to take the listing down – and thank god I did. This garment gives me such vintage vibes it’s unreal… and if I recall correctly, I purchased it because I thought it was something that Lana Del Rey would wear. Bless 16 year old me.



I threw on some black patent strappy block heels here to do the elegance of this piece justice (at least I hope!), but similar to the red dress, it can be dressed down easily with some Doc Marten chelsea boots and a denim jacket, for instance.

In the cooler evenings, though, I’d throw on a classic fitted suede jacket in order to keep me warm.



The back is my favourite part…

| Jacket – Vintage | Dress – Urban Outfitters | Shoes – Zara | Bag – Vintage |

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into some of my summertime favourites! Now we just have to pray that the weather is kind to us this year…

Keep posted for next week – I have plenty of posts planned, some focusing on fashion, some focusing on topics that are important to me…

Until next time!

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

Instagram: @lucyedser

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