My Make Up Muses

Hello again,

I hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend. A long bank holiday weekend equals plenty of free time to write another blog post – twice in one week is a rare occurrence for me, but who says there are any rules to blogging?

As an avid fashion blog reader, I’ve observed and come to realise that discussing beauty products almost comes with the territory when running such a platform. However, I must admit that I’m not exactly the best at make up or beauty, what you see is pretty much what you get with me. Often when I’m doing my eyeshadow I think, “I might try something new today”, yet I pretty much always look the same – oops…


But what hasn’t changed for me over the years is my love for liquid eyeliner and the classic ‘flick’ or ‘cat eye’, if you will. Despite not being an expert in the make up field, it’s safe to say that this requires a lot of practise and a steady hand. It’s one of the reasons why I’m looking down in most of the photos of me; no matter how insecure I may be feeling about my skin or any features that day, a good eyeliner flick is enough to lighten my mood about my appearance.

It took me years of experience to master a half decent liquid eyeliner wing – I would upload a photo of the early years of attempting this, when I was around thirteen or fourteen, but I wouldn’t want to blind you…

So, although I haven’t got a great deal of expertise in the make up trade to share with you, I thought I’d discuss a few of my make up muses, and those who have inspired me throughout the years…

Lana Del Rey


Obviously a given – I mentioned how Lana inspired me with her Priscilla Presley vibes in one of my earlier posts. When you’re a teenager, you’re so vulnerable to being easily influenced by anything you see. This is certainly not a bad thing – we’re all the same, yearning for idols to lead us the way in life, whether it’s through expression, creativity, academically etc… no matter what it is, it’s natural to be enlightened as to the different ways we can express ourselves. This is what Lana did for me – her flawless, classy appearance captivated me instantly. She may be well known for her straight faced appearance, but I don’t think that matters. A stern exterior doesn’t reflect what’s on the inside…


Lana’s love for vintage trends/icons is clearly reflected in the way she presents herself. She also inspired me to wear red lipstick on a regular basis and dye my hair black when I was around sixteen… I may have outgrown it now, but looking back she most definitely influenced me, almost subconsciously.


Del Rey has been through a variety of visual, as well as musical, eras throughout her career so far, but whatever she opts for, she looks absolutely flawless. There are countless of YouTube videos out there titled ‘Lana Del Rey Make Up Tutorial’ or something similar – so it’s clear she’s an inspiration across the board.

Alexa Chung


I’ve also mentioned Chung in a few of my blog posts already, but she is another lady who has captivated me with her visual expressions, so it’s hard not to give her a mention here…


What I find interesting about Alexa is that you never can predict what she’s going to wear next. She is forever experimenting with traditionally feminine styles combined with a slight touch of ‘masculinity’. Whether she’s in rags or the most divine designer gown, she always looks elegant. And I believe this is down to her bone structure and how she enhances it through her make up.

Another muse to perfect the classic eyeliner wing, she is also the queen of a bold lip. You don’t always have to have a distinctive amount of eye make up to rock a brightly coloured lip – sometimes a plain eye amplifies the colour, as she demonstrates here.



A true 60s icon, it’s hard not to think of Twiggy when you hear the words liquid eyeliner…

I must admit that Twiggy’s distinctive eye make up look isn’t something I’d personally opt for… I believe that she is the one that does it best, so I’ll leave that be. But I can’t help but admire her. I believe I came across her on a Tumblr blog years and years ago – and I was in awe. Her enhanced eyes with the separated lashes and eyeliner line across her lid was so out there, yet it works. It really works.


Twiggy truly enchanted me with her ginormous eyes and straight expression – she gave me the vibes of a perfect China doll. As I was so young when I came across her, she made me less insecure of my freckles – something I’d always hated about myself when I was young. I got it into my head that freckles resembled ugliness, yet here Twiggy was, freckle face galore and drop dead gorgeous. It’s also interesting to me that in the make up world, faux freckles have taken it by storm. It’s funny how things can suddenly become a trend…



So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my make up muses, maybe we share some of the same…

Until next time.

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x

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