Easter Weekend Lookbook

Hello again,

Happy Friday! The long awaited Bank Holiday weekend is finally upon us… which means the weekend officially starts now!

In the fashion world, it’s almost an annual tradition to purchase some pastel coloured or floral garments this time of year and wear it right until summer starts, or maybe during summer too. But I came to realise during a recent wardrobe tidy that I don’t actually own a single pastel coloured item… So who’s to say that it’s a necessity? There are countless of alternatives… So, here I will display all of my favourite things at the moment and how I’d incorporate them into traditional Easter activities…

Picnic Vibes


If you’ve been reading my latest posts, you’ll know how obsessed I am with gingham at the moment! It’s a trend that’s taken the high street by storm this spring. I already own a few things with monochrome gingham print, but I recently came across this cute little red and white number for a whopping £1.99.



A cute little top like this is perfect no matter what the occasion. Team with some smart trousers and black block heels for a night out, or opt for a similar look here for a more casual look. If you’re doing a lot of walking this weekend, you can always throw on some trusty Chuck Taylor Converse and be good to go…


I chose this adorable basket bag because I think it finishes the outfit off nicely, as it gives the vibe of a human picnic basket. And what’s wrong with that? Handkerchief for the top, basket for the bag… sorted!


I think this little garment will be a regular occurrence during these upcoming seasons.  It gives me major ’50s pin up feels… The versatility of it is brilliant, as it gives your outfit a pop of colour without being ‘too out there’. Plus, it has some padding around the breast area, so a bra isn’t 100% necessary… and I think we can all agree that is a great result.


For cooler evenings, team up with a classic denim jacket or black boyfriend coat. Voila x

Top – Vintage | Trousers – New Look | Shoes – Vintage Clarks | Bag – Vintage

The Striped Shirt Dress



 Do you ever have a little wardrobe clear out and come across a piece of clothing that you completely forgot existed, yet still adore to no end? I did exactly this with this beauty of a shirt dress, and realised I had treated it with such neglect that it definitely didn’t deserve. So this Easter, I will attempt to revive it. I hereby declare: the striped shirt dress is back from the dead…


Here I team it up with my favourite vintage heels and the very first vintage bag that I ever bought (the start of an obsession, more like…) I feel that the brown/burgundy sort of tones give off a rather autumny vibe, but that’s not to say it can’t be sported in the springtime! I fully cherish the material of this shirt dress; it’s lovely and smooth against your skin, yet not too thin to wear without a coat in Britain’s lovely, unpredictable everchanging weather conditions…



I always tend to lean towards stripes in warmer weather. I’m not too sure why… the navy and green tones incorporated into the stripes here remind me somewhat of sailors and make me desperately want to go on holiday. Perhaps that’s why stripes are often worn this time of year. The sun comes out and everyone starts feeling nautical!


For a daytime look, throw some loafers on your feet and a dark blue denim jacket over your arm for later…

Shirt Dress – Topshop | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Vintage

White Dungarees


In my first ‘lookbook’ sort of post, I expressed my love for white denim. It can be seen displayed across my blog posts – it’s such a versatile invention, whatever the season. Well, the weather is finally dungaree-friendly and I can display these divine things after a long time of waiting…


Here, I attempted to sophisticate such an item. A lot of people see dungarees and think of one thing – ‘hillbilly’. But that’s simply not the case – dungarees have been a classic since the dawn of time, for men and women. When I was sixteen, in the summer after leaving school, I wore dungarees nearly every damn day. I was cycling everywhere and the pouch in the front was very convenient for keeping my phone and other necessities in. Classically stylish and practical – what more could you want?



Last year I felt that I had outgrown dungarees and sold my beloved pair, only to buy these a few months later. Some things you just don’t grow out of…

If I were to be on the go in a more casual setting, I would again dust off some Converse and add them to this ensemble, along with a more casual t shirt, finished off with a classic black leather backpack.


Dungarees – Vintage | Top – New Look | Belt – Asos | Neck Scarf – Vintage | Loafers – Topshop

The Classic White Shirt… with a Twist



This (admittedly a little creased) white shirt is one of my all time favourites. I snapped this beauty up from Zara last year, and the classic white shirt material makes any outfit feel formal. The neckline is what I adore the most… The sharp, crisp edges and the Bardot style compliment each other wonderfully and provide such a timeless item with an individualistic twist…



If I haven’t made this clear enough yet, I am an avid lover of big cuffs or sleeves, so this is like a dream come true to me… the only downside is how easily it gets creased due to the material, but sometimes a girl can’t have it all…



Here, I opted for a monochromatic approach (what else is new?). I feel that if you wore some simple black cigarette trousers, it would alter the look completely. Yet with some vintage black and slightly distressed pair of shorts, it casuals it down a mile. Ah, fashion…



For cooler settings, combine with either opaque black tights or black jeans and any coat or jacket of your choice… let your imagination and versatility run wild x

Shirt – Zara | Shorts – Vintage Levis | Bag – Vintage | Loafers – Topshop

A Harmonic Marriage: Polka Dot and Ruffles



My goodness… I feel like such a one trick pony with these pair of jeans. I am more or less certain that they’ve featured in nearly every blog post… I fear soon that they will be glued to my skin. But when you find that perfect pair of vintage jeans that fit like a glove, it’s hard not to sway away.



This recent addition to my wardrobe is the epitome of dreamy. I have seen so many fellow bloggers wear them recently – it’s most definitely a blog favourite. And are you surprised? The crisp white material displaying a perfect array of polka dots, the layered ruffling and big sleeves… I could go on forever. The love affair between this blouse and I will for sure last the whole summer and furthermore, I predict this to you now.


The beauty of this blouse on a long Bank Holiday weekend is that it’s perfect for both Saturday night and Sunday lunch. For this ensemble, though, I opted for a smart casual look with some well fitted blue jeans, my favourite vintage satchel and some block heeled loafers.


Blouse – Topshop | Jeans – Vintage ‘Easy’ | Loafers – New Look | Satchel – Vintage

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into what I will be wearing this Easter weekend! I hope you have a glorious Bank Holiday weekend, let’s pray the weather holds out… Until next time…

Thanks for Reading | Lucy Violet x





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