Slip Dress Stylings

Hello again,

It’s almost the weekend! I hope you’ve all had a splendid week so far. The sun is shining which means you can dust off your old summery clothes that feel as if they have been hidden away since the dawn of time…

One of my favourite things to wear all year round is a classic slip dress. I don’t think they will ever die out, and over the past year or so they have most definitely gained much deserved popularity, once again. Scattered all over the high street were endless arrays of gorgeous slips of all sorts – simple black, spotty, pleated, long, short, mid, satin, silk… the list is endless, it seems. They are perfect no matter what the occasion or weather, and if you’ve been reading my blog posts, you will know by now that I am an avid lover of a versatile piece of clothing! The best feeling is truly getting the wear out of your glorious garment, in more than one way.


It’s safe to say that Kate Moss is truly the queen of the slip dress, and what a title to have. During the 90s (one of my favourite fashion eras) she could be seen sporting an elegant slip rather often. But what was so brilliant about it is the effortless cool vibe that she presented while displaying the piece. She was rarely seen in heavy make up due to her natural beauty, and her sleek, straight hair contrasting with the elegant class that such a dress withholds is a combination only few can pull off.


As far as admiring fashion that took the 90s by storm goes, she is undoubtedly a true asset, and I believe her unique, effortless aroma will inspire many generations to come when looking back on what once was in the fashion world.


Whether it’s dressed up or dressed down, no one can do it like Miss Moss can…

I selected one of my own favourite slip dresses from my wardrobe and decided to present to you just how versatile such a piece can be. If you’re insecure about your shoulders, your breasts, your legs (not that you should be!) that’s fine. You can still rock a slip. Anyone can…

Layering a Slip Dress


In many high street stores, you can find the odd slip dress that comes with a t-shirt attached underneath. This is a take on the classic trend that was wildly popular in the 1990s. Whether it was a slip dress or a cute top with spaghetti straps, a simple white or black T-shirt underneath went a long way.


Here, I decided to attempt my own take on such a timeless trend and add a thin jumper with subtle frill detail at the neck and sleeves. I feel that the femininity of the frills accompanied by the elegant tastefulness of the lace on the dress results in a rather pleasing finish. As well as this, I am fanatical about the thin spaghetti straps that cross over at the back. Worn underneath the slip dress, it almost gives the vibe of a DIY pinafore – which certainly do not suit me, as I’ve found out, so this will have to do!



I decided to add some brown accessories to the ensemble to shy away from a complete monochromatic outfit – a bad habit of mine! I added my go-to favourite vintage satchel as I find that the combination of these pieces gives off a ’90s school girl’ chic vibe.


I am obsessed with patent at the moment, so regarding footwear I opted for these slightly-heeled beauties. As I continue to experiment further with my wardrobe choices, I find myself investing in more and more shoes that possess a heel – something I wouldn’t have dared doing this time last year due to insecurities about my height. Slowly but surely I am beginning to realise that letting your insecurities hold you back is way lamer than caring about what people think…

Dress – Zara | Jumper – Next | Bag – Vintage | Belt – Vintage | Boots – via eBay | Necklace – Zara Taylor

The More ‘Formal’ Approach


Admittedly, I’m not exactly a regular face at formal events or occasions with a formal dress code, so I somewhat lack experience in the art of dressing for such events… However, I still attempted my own take at dressing up a slip dress – most likely what it was intended for in the first place!


Here I gathered a few of my favourite vintage or thrifted garments and accessories and took them on a little spin accompanied by the slip dress. I definitely do not have the confidence (unfortunately) to wear the dress out on its own just yet, so I relied on the security of this slightly oversized dogtooth/tartan blazer to make myself feel more comfortable.


I opted for this envelope style, velvet gold-chained bag as I absolutely adore gold hardware against patterns such as this. Plus, it’s probably the most formal bag I own and therefore perfect for evening wear.


I am a fan of the somewhat masculine characteristics of the blazer clashing against the femininity of the lace hem and neckline; here I find my perfect middle ground and comfort zone while sporting a dress like this.

Completed with one of my favourite pair of vintage block heels, I am set!

Dress – Zara | Blazer – Vintage | Heels – Vintage | Bag – Vintage

It’s Actually a Dress…


^ Something I say the majority of the time when I’m complimented on a top that I’m wearing… chances are, it’s a dress that I’ve tucked in to whatever bottoms I’m wearing! It’s something I’ve been doing since I was about fifteen, and I certainly do not intend on stopping anytime soon… I hope that I have mastered flattening out the excess material underneath my jeans or trousers, otherwise I may look a bit oddly lumpy and bumpy…


Who says you have to wear a dress as a dress all the time, anyway? If you saved a gorgeous garment that you adore purely for conventionally formal settings, it would hardly ever get worn…

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I enjoy these two pieces together as I feel that it could fool anyone into thinking it’s a jumpsuit – another illusion! Clothes can be whatever you want them to be, in my opinion… you just have to work your way around them.



Straw/basket bags are my current obsession this spring, so I decided to throw it in to the mix in attempt to liven up the otherwise unilluminated combination, along with pair of classic T-bar vintage flats.



Finished with my favourite Western belt to disguise where the dress ends and the trousers begin, my ‘summery’ casual take on the slip dress is complete.

Dress – Zara | Trousers – New Look | Bag – Vintage | Shoes – Vintage Clarks

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my experimentation on one single garment! It was a lot of fun to do, until next week…

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x


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