Pops of Red

Hello again,

I hope your week has been glorious so far! The weather started pretty bloody lovely at the start of the week, only to show its true British colours by the middle. Dreary drizzle and overcast skies… What better excuse to cheer yourself up by adding a bit of colour to your wardrobe?


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I usually sway naturally towards all-black or monochrome ensembles, very often without any intention in doing so. However, every now and then I have a slight urge to add a pop of colour to an outfit, and there’s a very strong chance that it’ll be red…

Red has always been one of my favourite bright colours; from the ages of 15-17 I more or less wore red lipstick everyday… it almost became natural to me to pick up a stick of red lippy and apply it, no matter where I was going.

As I’ve grown older and explored new trends and phases, I’ve slightly outgrown the need to sport a red lip each day, but my love of red has certainly not died. It’s a colour rather close to my heart – my mother used to dye her hair a dark red when I was a young age, and as a result I associated the colour red with her from then on… and maybe that has always subconsciously stuck with me. When I see red, I feel warm.


I recently purchased a pair of red shoes from Zara – I decided to jump on the bandwagon as I keep seeing all of the fashionistas I follow on Instagram compose the most sublime outfits, and then they inject a little bit of red into it, and it works so well. It’s most definitely the in colour this spring.

… And what a magnificent colour it is! Whether it’s your nails, your make up palette, or you’re head to toe in red… anyone can feel sexy or powerful in it.


Bold, brash and beautiful – bring on the red. Here’s how I style some red items from my own wardrobe…

The Subtle Red Stripe

I adore this little top – it gives me such French/Parisian vibes. It’s the perfect way to infuse a little colour into an outfit otherwise lacking a bit of illumination… throw on some classic vintage high waist jeans and you’re set…


As the weather wasn’t being too kind to us here, I threw on my trustworthy and dependable ‘boyfriend coat’. When we’re a little deeper into spring and then summer, I will most definitely be wearing this little number more often. The subtle splash of colour it provides is classy yet bold in its own little way.


However, I wasn’t prepared to fully backtrack to winter threads just yet; I threw on these vintage T-bar beauties on my feet that I recently purchased in a charity shop for £5 – what a steal. Plus a little wicker clutch bag I snapped up on the same visit, here you have the classic winter-spring transition attire.


The elegant fit of this results in extreme versatility – here I dress it down, but with some elegant black cigarette trousers and vintage black, strappy heels, you have the ‘Parisian-girl-exploring-the-back-streets-of-France’ look down to a T – that’s a thing, right?


Coat – Topshop | Top – He Official | Jeans – Vintage ‘Easy’ Jeans | Shoes – Vintage Clarks | Clutch Bag – Vintage


The Short-Sleeved Knitted Number


A more ‘out-there’ item in comparison to the last one, this one is perfect for keeping warm yet cool in Britain’s unpredictable-as-ever weather. I decided to add a bit of contrast to my current favourite pair of trousers (that I’ve mentioned to death in my previous posts…) by adding this little red garment. I basically combine all of my recent obsessions in one outfit here: gingham, red, and patent shoes!



The subtle frills on the trousers give a vintage yet elegant vibe to the outfit and injects a bit of diversity. If the frills were absent, I’d most definitely add a belt to add a little hardware and accessory to the mix. But I feel that isn’t completely necessary in this case – the contrast of the bright colour of the top, pattern of the trousers and patent shininess of the shoes is bold enough in itself for me…




Presently, I’m on the lookout for the perfect red patent shoe. If these came in red… then I’d be over the moon! I came across my muse Alexa Chung rocking some and I was instantly inspired, yet made the immediate assumption that they’re probably by some expensive designer that I’d have to sell all of my possessions and then some to afford. When I realised they were last seasons Zara my heart tore in two as I most definitely missed out – therefore, I will remain a mere admirer of them…

Top – Vintage | Trousers – Topshop | Shoes – Office 

Paired with Polka Dots


Polka dots combined with any red accessory is a timeless trend in the fashion world. If you look at fashionistas doing their thing back in the 1920s and carry on all through the decades up until now, I can guarantee you that you’ll find at least one get-up combining the two. (Most likely in the 1950s or 60s, but whatever the era, it works).


I absolutely adore polka dots – if you’ve read my previous entries, you’ll notice that I very often include a dotted garment in the mix. My obsession started when I stole a polka dot blouse from my mother (if you’re reading this… sorry) and I began investing in more and more dotted threads. Combined with vintage blue denim, they’re one of my favourite patterns out there.


Here I throw on my red shoes (there’s no place like home…) for them to meet this flare-sleeved, dotty blouse. I find the two work rather well together; the floaty sleeves compliment the harsh pop of red the shoes display. I’d usually just throw on any black pair of shoes and be on my way, but with these you feel like you have that extra spring in your step. It’s funny how a bright accessory can make you feel…


If you’re not a fan of bright coloured footwear, a classic red lip and/or red nails goes a long way when paired with a simple polka dot blouse. Vintage chic? … Check.

Black Polka Dot Top – Topshop | Jeans – Vintage ‘Easy’ Jeans | Shoes – Zara | White Polka Dot Blouse – Vintage 


Vintage Blue Denim – The Perfect Marriage

With this get up, I combine two of my favourite loves – the perfect shade of blue that vintage Levi jeans possess, along with a harmonic shade of red. I went for the casual approach here by throwing on a simplistic t-shirt to compliment the new purchase on my feet…


I didn’t want to overdo it by adding a red bag as well, so I kept it simple and traditional by selecting a brown croc gem. I find that brown – like black – goes with more or less everything. When experimenting with new ensembles and colour schemes, you have to dare to be different as well as dare to try new things, whether they work or not. If you look back and really hate your choices, just delete all photos and pray you didn’t see anybody you know that day…



Vintage Levis are a brand close to my heart when it comes to finding that perfect vintage jean that possesses extreme versatility. I find that they never fail – whether you opt for a casual t shirt or a slouchy, knitted jumper, Levis have got your back for life…




A slightly darker shade of red, this oversized jumper is perfect for when you’re feeling a little lazy yet want to add a little spark to your wardrobe choice that day. The slouchiness of the jeans matching that of the jumper accompanied by the formality of the loafers is a combination I am fond of – when browsing my Instagram ‘Explore’ page for, I often find smart shoes being sported with ‘Mom’ jeans. Who’s to say that you can’t be smart yet comfortable at the same time?


Once again I play it safe by injecting some brown croc detail to my accessory choices. I find that the almost-burgundy colour of the knitwear compliments the characteristics of the bag rather well, displaying an almost ‘mahogany’ array or vibe.


1980 Top – Zara | Jeans – Vintage Levis | Red Shoes – Zara | Jumper – Vintage St. Michael | Bag – Vintage | Loafers – Topshop


The Leopard Print Collab

Similar to polka dot, leopard print garments combined with red are also a timeless classic. Some deem leopard print as ‘trashy’ or ‘chavvy’, but I think they couldn’t be more wrong. Leopard print can provide anyone with the appearance of effortless class. The amount of beautiful leopard print coats I see at vintage fairs is astonishing… they are definitely a statement, but a great one at that – whether it’s vintage or modern, anyone can rock a vintage coat. (*Faux fur, please…)


I played it safe once again and relied on the security of an all black get-up when adding these daring accessories. I didn’t want to go too crazy when styling a statement coat as well as pair of statement shoes.


I found this beautiful vintage coat in a charity shop for £3.50. I thought at that price, I had no choice but to put my hesitancy aside and invest in the garment of my dreams. For years I had seen many of my fashion idols wear similar ones to this, yet doubted that I could pull off such a thing without the high risk of being mistaken for Kat Slater. But as I’ve grown older and my love of experimenting with clothes has heightened, you have to realise that the starting point of discovering your individual style is to simply not give a damn. If you like it, then wear it! Who’s stopping you?


Coat – Vintage | Jeans – BDG @ UO | Shoes – Zara | Top – Zara | Bag – Vintage 

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling all about my love for the colour red. Until next time!

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x









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