The Blouse Diaries: How I Style a Vintage Blouse

Hello again,

Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far. The weather has been rather temperamental over the last few days, but I suppose that’s spring for you…

In my opinion, what makes a piece of clothing revolutionary is the extent of versatility it possesses. Blouses are without a doubt a significant vitality in my wardrobe. If you were to browse through my closet, there’s a very high chance that you’d come across a vintage blouse straight away. They can be worn whatever the weather, occasion or season – that’s what makes them so brilliant. A piece that you can create endless combinations with, and most certainly get the wear out of, are often the best pieces out there, I say.


Now we can start to rid of our winter coats, I thought I’d once again take advantage of the glorious weather we have been treated with and present to you how I style a classic vintage blouse. Here I gather my little blouse family and take them on their own individual little spins… The large overcoats are gone, so the world can now see the elegance that comes with a beautifully crafted garment.

So goodbye to overcoats, hello to hayfever (you win some, you lose some…) Let’s get started…

The Laura Ashley Blouse


The latest edition to my little family of blouses, this one is definitely going to be a favourite in spring and summer… and then autumn, oh and winter too…

The classy, graceful high neck combined with the elegance of the subtle crochet pattern on the sleeves and torso made me fall in love with it almost instantly. I’ve had my eyes on this little number for a while… it was only a case of ‘when, not if’ regarding the love affair to follow between this piece and I.



Here I team it up with my favourite vintage satchel, black vintage strappy heels, opaque tights and a ‘Military Skirt’ from New Look via ASOS. This blouse can be easily dressed up or down – but I thought to accurately display the true beauty of this beloved and decorous garment, I’d dress it up on this occasion.


I must admit the first time I tried this blouse on, I felt a little silly due to the major Victorian vibes it gave me. But I think that’s the beauty of fashion – stepping outside of your comfort zone, and God knows I’ve done just that over the past few years.


As a mere teenager, I used to stress that I wouldn’t be seen dead in a dress; putting on a front that it just wasn’t something that interested me. The truth is, it was – I just didn’t have the confidence to wear what I wanted. I’d compare myself to girls in my school year who seemed to effortlessly pull off any dress they could find, but as a late bloomer, I couldn’t find the right piece to compliment my lack of figure and ease my neverending insecurities. But over the years of growing up mentally and physically, I’ve somewhat found the guts to push my timid inhibitions aside and just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen?

Another thing I found interesting is the fact that when coming across this blouse numerous times online, it was both described as ‘Victorian’ and ’70s esque’… two very different time periods, yet they work so well together. It’s funny how trends from a variety of eras often work so well when combined.

The Art of Layering


Here I combine a polka dot strappy dress from Topshop and a simple white blouse. I find that the subtle frill of the cuffs and the lace hem compliment each other wonderfully – less is more? I think not.


This look was rather 90s inspired. It’s safe to say that the trend that took the 90s by storm – layering garments – is well and truly back; I very often see people layering strappy dresses over t shirts, so I decided to attempt to create my own individualistic take on this.


The brilliance of layering these two items together is that you could go one way or another… I also liked the concept of placing the blouse over the dress and I felt that it worked rather well. The slits on either side of the dress results in a simple yet neat finish to the coordinates sported here.


Finally, I injected my love of velvet into this ensemble by throwing this envelope style bag into the mix. I found that the gold hardware complimented the dark colours of the shoes and dress rather well.




The Casual Approach


Pleated culottes were a definite craze in the high street around this time last year and I don’t think the frenzy ever really died down – I still see plenty of people style them. And I don’t blame them – they’re stylish, comfortable, and they can make the flattest of bums look perky… what’s not to love?


I combined a short sleeved cream blouse with these – this is a look I’d definitely pick out when I’m on the go. My favourite thing about these pleated beauties is that they look fabulous dressed down or dressed up – and if you can’t already tell, I’m a big lover of versatility in clothing. When your mood changes as fast as mine does, it’s almost an essential asset to your wardrobe.


Unfortunately, I must admit that these trousers are a little too big for me to hang comfortably on my upper waist. Therefore I added my staple ASOS Western Belt to secure them and add a little bit of hardware into the outfit.


Finished with a classic 90s style leather backpack and classic black Converse and I’m good to go…


The Silky ‘Pyjama-esque’ Blouse

What a steal – this little number was a mere £1.00. I must admit that it was from a charity shop, so I am unsure whether it is authentic vintage, but it certainly feels like it!


I adore silk and satin – it feels so satisfying against your skin. Who says beauty is pain? Feeling comfortable is always a bonus when you’re wearing something you love and you feel proud of…



Here I combine this silky, simple selection with some classic high waist jeans, that I also found in a charity shop for £4.00. I literally wear these jeans with everything – I have a strong desire for high waist jeans; they can sculpt any body shape and make you feel glorious. The confidence a well fitted piece of clothing can provide you with sometimes is quite mesmerising, in my opinion…

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

To accessorise, I threw on my reliable Topshop ‘Lucy’ loafers, my trusty croc bag, and channelled my inner Audrey Hepburn and added a neck scarf, which I found for 75p in a charity shop… are you noticing a pattern here?


And finally…

The ‘Statement’ Blouse


Now, this member of my little blouse family stands out from its siblings. Here I inject my love of roses by styling this beautiful, botanical piece. And even better… it’s silk. Was this blouse made especially for me? I believe it might have been!

I forgot just how much I adore this number – I definitely need to get more wear out of it, especially as it matches my surroundings now that tulips, daffodils, etc. are springing from their flowerbeds into full bloom…


“Florals? In spring? Groundbreaking.”



I collaborated this unique item with a classic pair of black Levis 501s – ‘Mom’ jeans, if you will, and black patent strappy flats. I infused my enthusiasm for tying up shirts and blouses by doing just that here – I find that this works so well with any style of high waist jeans, whether it be a baggy or skinny fit.

So that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading into how I style a variation of blouses. Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for reading | Lucy Violet x







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